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Rec post: queer fantasy

I’ve been commenting on a friend’s posts, and every time I comment I find myself in rec mode because I have read a lot and have all the opinions on the things I read. 2,899 more words


Simple in the night.

Never have I laid awake into the dawning hours of the night because of anything other than thoughts. But not tonight. 
Tonight, I’m awake, because of art- I feel it oozing from my pores. 46 more words

And I Have to Live With a Boy!

One week, two days since I moved away. Seems like an eternity and five minutes at the same time. I left everything behind to chase a dream I hope is reality. 177 more words


Looking for Ace Blogs?

Because I am. See, I developed a solid collection of asexual blogs that I loved to read. Between them all, there were regular enough updates for me to always have something to read about asexuality whenever I checked in to my Google Reader (sadly, now defunct.) I never much added to that collection, and it slowly declined, as many of the writers moved to tumblr or no longer felt the need to blog about asexuality at all. 420 more words


My shopping trip was a flop

Department stores have little to no alternatives to the blouse.

That fact was reinforced yesterday as I spent about 90 minutes at a local mall, desperately seeking tops. 153 more words



(Because my blog is usually suitable for all ages, I’m putting a disclaimer here that some of this post involves adult content involving some slurs and other strong language, so reader discretion is advised.) 1,610 more words

September 1st - It's Time to Go Back Home.

Dagen började lugnt och skönt. Barnen sov över hos ett par vänner och jag behövde inte gå upp förän jag kände för det. Efter jag ätit frukost så gjorde jag mig i ordning och gick ner till High Street för mitt möte med banken. 429 more words

Au Pair