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No more demons

I had taken up with, and was really adjusting to being with, my partner this time last year.  I was done with work for a couple of weeks, but the day that corresponded to this one last year left my heart really heavy as I had gotten an email from my program that basically said, “Thanks for playing, but you probably won’t get licensed when you finish this degree, but we’ll pay back the loans that you’ve taken out, because of it.”  It was crushing.   359 more words


Sick of JK Rowling's Shit

In which I faithfully transcribe a conversation between my partner, C, and our daughter, the splendiferous Ms. X.

Ms. X: I’m sick of JK Rowling’s shit. 114 more words

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Holiday Party Style

December is almost over, but the holiday parties are just revving up. Stumped on how to pull off an outfit that’s dapper without trying too hard? 291 more words


Too gay

I found a really awesome tshirt so I made a polyvore outfit out of it. Polyvore is better than shopping.

Too gay by tomato-boi featuring a… 43 more words


Celebrity Crush.

Here, I feel this incredible need to talk about this very queer topic. Celebrity crush.Why queer, you might ask when every other person on earth has one, or at least has had one at some point in their lives. 781 more words

Philosophy Universa..!

5 Reasons Everyone Should Try Polyamory

It’s hard to write about polyamory, because it can mean so many different things. Polyamory, or ‘poly,’ is often used as an umbrella term for any varied styles of non-monogamy. 970 more words


Sublime Fragments of Gothic Futures II: Confessions of an Aesthete

The modernist monochrome street goth sport goth health goth aesthetic lies in the crypts of tumblr networks splintering into accelerated hyper-defined image culture bursting out into a fragmented post-Fordist-crash historical moment for the digitalised immaterial generation in which the present has to be reimagined and reinvented as we understand the future envisioned by the current… 977 more words