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Out, And Proud, And Loud

I recently discovered LinkedIn (a little late I know, but bear with me) and it took me far too long to decide if I was going to link these articles to my profile. 615 more words



I had my first session with a psychologist yesterday. I probably wouldn’t have been near tears when I walked into her room if I had remembered that it was at 10 and not 10:30 am, if I had not had to race to the LRT station to find a parking space, sit anxiously on the train to the UofA for 20 minutes, listening to the conversations of others and watching the city roll by because I forgot earbuds on my desk at home, while the time on my phone ticked closer, if I had walked straight across the parkway to the Education North building instead of walking right until I eventually turned around, if I hadn’t made it into the Education  354 more words



Walking down the sidewalk, you see her

Or can you, her head tucked under the baseball cap she wears

Hands stuffed into the pockets of her jeans, the shape portraying male or female… 388 more words



BOY : you’re boy-ish
ME : Yes. and if i become any girlier than what i already am, it wouldnt be me anymore. plus, i dont think im gonna like it either

Just not ME…


Come Out And Join Me?

I’ve been reading a lot recently about people struggling with their sexual orientation and finding it difficult to come to terms with everything that accompanies coming out. 551 more words


Friday failure

I’m spending some time in and around Golden Gate Park in San Francisco today because the de Young Museum is free of admission on Friday nights between the hours of 5pm and 9:45pm.  287 more words


TWAC CASCADIA First Week of September!



TWAC CASCADIA is happening September 1-8 in the woods somewhere between Portland and Olympia (directions and more specifics will come as we get closer to the camp..stay tuned!) 535 more words