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Alphabet Soup: LGBT and don't forget the Q

The thing about sexuality is that it demands to be recognized, and surprises you with blushing cheeks and tingly genitals whether you try to ignore it or not. 654 more words


"So What If I'm Queer? I Am Proud of It" via Pinay.com

I first encountered the identity of “queer” as a first year in college. I attended a meeting for one of the Filipino organizations on campus, and one of the coordinators introduced his program as a “space for queer Filipinos.” I was surprised to hear that term. 120 more words


A Butch Lesbian Appreciation Poem

My style is to have short blended hair
This blurs the lines of gender but I don’t care
My jeans are deep blue with creases of wear… 236 more words


Here's The Thing, Trans People Exist: An Open Letter To Cathy Brennan

“Maybe this just isn’t worth it,” I muttered under my breath, sprawled across the road, longing for a car to put a stop to this tired self-doubt. 641 more words


How Martina Navratilova Saved my Life

My mother put me on my first diet when I was eleven years old. It was probably the Stillman Diet, but I called it the “cottage cheese and TaB diet” because that is all I remember about it. 709 more words


Psychics in Washington

After a much tortured week of cramping for my mid term exam I was delighted to head to Washington, D.C. D.C. housed Georgetown University, the college I would have attended had my mother not chickened out of loan last minute; DC could be the place where I would build my career in politics and research; it could also be the place where I would meet my future partner, who might work in the realm of politics, research, or law…/ 902 more words


mathlish(what's a word?)

“words are the blocks from which sentences are made.”
to define ‘word’,we have to use words.
we might have a problem here.