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My 50 Favorite Flicks • #8

The whole bloody affair…

Kill Bill V1 & V2 (2003,2004)

Ok so I lied, this will be the only time 1 spot will fill multiple films. 144 more words

50 Favorite Film Sketches

Quentin's Letter to a Fan

People have wildly different views of Quentin Tarintino. Some see him as excessively violent, some see him as an idea thief and some have even accused him of being racist. 409 more words

The Codpast

He makes you really listen

Quentin Tarantino

Tarantino is an oscar winning director and screen writer who have created movies like pulp fiction, kill bill vol 1&2 and Django, for those who did not know. 310 more words


My Top 50 Favorite Films - Part 2: 40-31

Below you will find Part 2 of my Top 50 Favorite Films of all time, which contains #40-31. Click Here for Part 1, consisting of #50-41 and be sure to check back in tomorrow for Part 3: #30-21! 912 more words


Review: Django Unchained

After seeing Django Unchained it is a wonder why it took Quintin Tarantino so long to make a Western!

Set in 1858, “two years before the Civil War” we follow the slave named Django (Jamie Foxx) when he is freed by a German bounty hunter (Christoph Waltz) who needs him in identifying some of his bounties who work as slavers. 294 more words


Which Director Should Bring 'Lost' Back to Television?

It’s more than a little frightening that the show Lost is slowly just becoming the Island from Lost. Like just when I think I’m done with it, some new fucking plot twist comes out of nowhere and brings me right back into the craziness. 478 more words

Song of the Day - 'Hey Jude'

Wilson Pickett did a cover of ‘Hey Jude’?  Really?  How do I not have any memory of this?

Well, it sounds like a great idea on paper, let’s taken a listen… 115 more words