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Shamanism in Storytelling

The other night I went to a talk on Shamanism in Storytelling at Treadwell’s.

The person giving the talk was a professional storyteller called Abbie Palache who told stories which had changed her life and why. 66 more words

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The Sort of Spells I do

The spells I do fall into two main categories : spells to keep things as they are and spells to change things.

The spells to keep things as they are include house protection and protecting my cat against illness. 48 more words

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Worshipping Trees

It’s coming up to the Winter Solstice when trees are wassailed (it was when I originally wrote this, but unfortunately I have been ill) so I thought I’d write a piece on worshipping trees. 93 more words

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Regular readers will know that I write a lot about deities. However, deities are not central to my craft and I know witches who do not follow any deities. 52 more words

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I meditated the other day and talked to Brigit. We made a bargain, which was that I would follow her if she gave me a child and if it is a girl her middle name would be Brigit.

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November was all about the trees

November was a busy time in my garden as the clear up began.  We woke up on the morning of the first of November to a downpour, how disappointing after the glorious day we had had the day before.   680 more words

Quercus robur

Quercus robur
Common name: English oak
Family name: Fagaceae
Type: deciduous tree

-rounded lobes
-white oak
-sessile leaves (almost no petiole)
-acorns are born on long peduncles… 21 more words