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Herne the Hunter

Herne the Hunter is not a Celtic deity. He originated as a 15th century person who was hanged on the Windsor estate. In those days he would have considered himself English, but people persist in seeing him as Celtic. 34 more words

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Timing of Spells

I have two spells I do at certain times of the year : house protection at Imbolc and protecting my cat from illnesses at Beltane. 77 more words

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New Year's Resolutions

I celebrate my New Year now, when the sap is rising in the trees and everything is growing. It seems better to me to do it now rather than in the Winter when a lot of plants are dead and there is snow on the ground. 138 more words

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Spring Equinox

The purpose of this ritual was for fertility and a baby, so before I started I spent five minutes weeding so I would have earth under my fingernails. 146 more words

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Writing a Spring Equinox Ritual

As I said in my last post, one of the things I have to do is write my ritual for the Spring Equinox.

The equinoxes and solstices are always difficult to write for as there is nothing in the texts to say that the Irish celebrated these festivals, so I do not have a starting point to write from. 33 more words

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Things to do

The trouble with paganism is that there’s always a lot to do and not enough time to do it in.

At the top of my list is to write the Spring Equinox ritual, research into water in Irish myths, finish the deity work I mentioned in a post earlier and write a bunch of spells which are neither urgent nor important so I haven’t done them yet. 36 more words

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The Rogues' Dice by Y.T. Scott

This book outlines the beginning principles of dice divination. It’s a really good book that I would recommend to anyone interested in divination. As the writer says, dice can be carried about on your person and rolled at any time, so if you’re worried about how you’re looking while doing divination, this is the system for you. 37 more words

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