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To Whom It May Concern

To Whom It May Concern

Sometimes we say that other people’s dramas are very silly until we experience them ourselves. Indeed, experience will teach you the best lessons in life and it is true that its effect on you is immeasurable – it can change a character. 688 more words

Guest Post: Income Tips for Writers With Hope Clark

Today’s post is brought to you by guest contributor Dorit Sasson! Interested in contributing a post? Read the submission guidelines.

Interview with Hope Clark: Income Tips for Writers…

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Is Singleness Genetic Or A Choice?

An article in Britain’s Mail  Online has done an article about a supposed study that suggests that singleness may be at least partly genetic. The theory is that certain genes affect serotonin levels affects how you bond with others and find a partner. 155 more words


The Dreaded Vagueness

Whenever I did pitch workshops of any kind, I kept seeing the same crucial piece of feedback appear over and over again, both on my own pitches and others’: don’t be vague. 571 more words

Failed Queries: A Repurposing Success Story

I was too in love with this lead to let it go. So, even though this particular query failed more than once, I was eventually able to use its subject — and a variation of its first sentence — in a story on balancing a full-time job with a start-up business. 481 more words

Failed Queries

OK Cupid

So, the dating site, OK Cupid has extended gender (includes now a gender, two – spirit, etc) and orientation options,including asexual. My question is, when you select ‘asexual’, do you select a romantic orientation or does it just automatically assume that you’re just looking for friends? 10 more words

Sexual Orientation

New Leaf Literary and Media on agents and "It's good, it's just not for me."

I’m querying! That means I glom onto absolutely everything I find online that is related to the process of querying. In fact, I am currently I’m sitting on a treasure trove of agent-related links, none of which I have actually bothered to post here. 79 more words

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