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10 Important Queries To Ask When You Really Feel Stuck

Do you really feel stuck, frustrated or like issues are not moving forward the way you want them to? You happen to be not alone make peace with the reality that what you’;re trying to accomplish may well take longer than usual. 19 more words

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It seems like that time of year again: querying agents. Here are some resources I have used to draft queries. When you get published, you can thank me in the acknowledgements. 135 more words

Getting Published

Ink Marks the Spot!

Not many people know this about me, but I want sleeves. Not frilly shirt sleeves, but smooth, brightly colored badass sleeves of ink. To me, tattoos are an amazing form of artistic expression, but before taking the plunge, it’s obviously important to do the right amount of research. 499 more words


Alphabet Soups

‘Alphabet Soups’ have been on my mind a lot since Thursday night. Anyone who’s followed this blog probably realises that I usually use LGBT+. Although, one acronym has come to mind: LGBTQQIAPA. 50 more words


Turning the Tables...

Over recent weeks I have written posts that I think you as small business and rental owners would want or need to know.

This week I am turning the tables. 82 more words


Rhetorical Questions #6

Q: Can the pen be any mightier than the sword?

A: Don’t run with…scissors


Ten Queries To Ask Your Self Before Starting In The House Purchasing Process

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Who wouldn’t want to come home to this?  Image Via: Markay Johnson Construction

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of putting your keys in the door at the end of the long day and knowing that the property belongs to you. 15 more words

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