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7 Things You Should Know About Agents

Agents may seem like an elite society, one that’s closed off to the general public, but they aren’t. They’re very busy and have individual interests, and will only select novels they enjoy and think will sell, but they are looking for that next novel. 522 more words


FIRST FIVE FRENZY with Sarah Negovetich of Corvisiero Literary Agency

If you’re like me, you toil for hours editing and fine-tuning the first pages of your manuscript. You look at the first lines to make sure they are compelling and tight.  891 more words


Manuscript Postmortem

On August 11, 2014, my novel The Dragon’s Heir received its 100th rejection by a literary agent. This is significant, as a manuscript that has been rejected one hundred times is generally considered unmarketable. 876 more words


My Writing Credentials, or Lack Thereof

Any writer aspiring to have their novel published the traditional way must go through the dreaded act of composing a query letter to literary agents. If you visit the infinite pages of advice on “how to write a query letter,” you will find endless recommendations on a pretty formulaic approach: hook, expansion upon the hook, writing credentials of the author, and a polite thanks. 595 more words

Top Six Reasons Why Giving Birth is More Fun Than Querying my Novel

I spent months researching how to write a query letter, visiting the plethora of blogs dealing with the matter. I picked through Nathan Bransford’s upbeat and encouraging query instructionals. 527 more words


Breathing & Moving Forward!

Hey people! (Meant to be said in Michelle Tanner’s voice)

How are you?

I’m doing pretty good. Thanks for asking. =)

So, I figured it was time for an update since my last ACTUAL blog post was a month ago. 330 more words