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Query Letters

Query Letters

I’ve added a new progress bar. I’m writing query letters. Go me! I have it set for fifty, but if I write fifty letters and it’s a “no go” I’ll set the bar to one-hundred. 107 more words


Dry Spell

So busy at work I have had no time to blog!  Oh the humanity!  I seem to have hit a dry spell with writing and querying.   107 more words

I think this might be the next big thing

Dear agent,

I hear that you are looking for paranormal romances set during the French Revolution. You’d like to see the idea trending. Me too. I don’t have a work of that description handy, but I can send you my spec-fic novel set on Alpha Centauri in a matriarchal society of warrior apes. 278 more words


AgentSpeak: "Your Main Character? We Just Didn't Hit It Off"

This week I’m excited to continue the “AgentSpeak” series here on Word Café. Today’s topic is another comment frequently seen on polite rejection letters from agents: 472 more words

How To Get An Agent

trying too hard

You know, I really try. Let’s start with my lack of credentials. I have published, traditionally and without an agent, only one novel. I’ve written loads for free on the Internet, some days for exposure, others for the sheer pleasure of it. 380 more words


Half Way There...

So I sent out my 50th query letter today, not sure if I should be happy about this or not.  So I set a goal of 100 query letters before seriously looking into self publishing, but being halfway there, I am kinda dreading getting closer and closer to that 100 mark.   135 more words

45 and Going Strong

45 Query Letters sent and going strong!  While I have yet to get a positive response, I am still chugging along…more like slogging.  With the last 10 or so letters I sent and most from now on, I have been making them a lot more personalized in an effort to attract that Lit Agent that might otherwise have skipped right over me.   70 more words