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When is the Time Right (A Query Question)

I have finished with the first revision of my prologue! Hooray for progress!

As I work on this project and go over my writing, I’m seeing quite a bit that needs changed. 490 more words


"Dear Monkey Who Reads The Slush Pile at a Third Grade Reading Level,…" #CrazyQueries #agenting
Sara Megibow (@SaraMegibow) February 03, 2014

"Dear Whoever is on the other end of this email, who probably won't even get this far into it,…" …

30 more words

What a Year!

Every writer says that the road to publication is a long one. And indeed it is! But it’s certainly not a journey I’d want to end any time soon!! 421 more words


A Querying We Go!

So…what have I been up to lately? Glad you asked. I’ve been querying!Starting with googling query letters that sold actual YA novels…and then sending my version out to agents! 221 more words

How to Hook an Agent: Taglines in Query Letters

Today I’d like to share some advice on an issue that comes up often in my query letter critiques. What can you do when your hook just isn’t grabbing readers? 530 more words

How To Get An Agent

Still Alive, Still Writing

So that break was longer than anticipated. Sorry for that!

MegaCon was a ton of fun and I got to go see Wil Wheaton again. It was so funny, when I got up to him all I said was “Last year I came up to you and handed you a letter…” He jumped out of his seat, came around the table and hugged me! 364 more words

5 Tips for Freelance Job Seekers

I often receive email from people looking for proofreading or editing work. I’m usually a one-woman operation, but when I get busy or when a project requires expertise that I don’t have (fluency in French, for example) then I’ll bring on other individuals to help. 350 more words