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Learning to Sell Myself....er...I mean, My Writing - Conquering My Fear of Query Letters and Selling My Work

Over the course of living my day to day life, I’ve been approached to sell different things by friends and family that are very excited about the product, and believe it will change my life.  821 more words

My Two Favorite Words

This Friday, I typed my two favorite words into my manuscript:


I had been working on a major rewrite of the third act since mid-summer, and I knew the ending was lacking that certain undefinable something. 232 more words

Getting Published

Query 3.0

In studying the art of the query letter and indulging in my addiction to Writer’s Digest Tutorials, I came across stellar advice for constructing the pitch paragraph at… 432 more words

Getting Published

The Difference between Queries and Blurbs?

Having recently stumbled upon two excellent blogs—Kyra Nelson’s, in which we get to read queries with comments from an intern who works for an agency, and… 474 more words

Writing Advice


I made two goals for myself at the beginning of 2014: (1) find an agent that loves my work; and (2) crank out the first draft of a novel completely unrelated to the story I have been working on for the past several years. 378 more words

Getting Published

Querying Tips from the Alaska Writers' Guild Conference

Oh the bane of a writer’s existence, right? The process through which 95% of writers get an agent, yet how impossible it is to do so based on this all important one page. 858 more words


The Waiting Game - The Misery That is the Query Letter

My 10-Step Method For Tackling the Dreaded Query Letter

Having recently completed the final edits on a 104,000 word manuscript, I have now ventured into the murky waters of soliciting a literary agent, a difficult but necessary step in the process of finding a publisher. 917 more words