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The Perfect Query Letter

Hello all of you fabulous people! Can you tell that I’m trying to butter you up for something? I was thinking the other day (yeah, occasionally I do that) and it occurred to me that there’s a distinct possibility that a lot of you are full of knowledge. 267 more words

Faith Simone

Are you are writer working on building your social media platform? Me, too!

It’s amazing how much work there is after you spend hours and days and months and years writing that novel, after revision and editing and re-revising and editing. 449 more words


Failed Queries: New Monthly Feature for an Idea Whose Time Has Come -- and Gone

In an attempt to better my blog and step up my social media presence, I have been trying to tackle the assignments presented by The Daily Post in its… 337 more words


REJECTED: Writer's Edition

“Dear Ms. Evans: Thank you for your query. As for your material, I will be passing. I’m just not enthusiastic enough about the concept of your story to feel like I’d be the agent for your project…and best of luck in your search for representation.” 1,108 more words

Random Musings

Query Letters--The First Line

As opinionated as I am, even I recognize there’s more than one way to skin a query letter.

There are two schools of thought on how to handle the first line of your query letter: 179 more words

Query Letters

It's in the mail

Big day today.  I’m sending out my first query letter in an attempt to secure an agent for my memoir.

It has me both excited and scared. 276 more words


Query Tip: Trouble Writing the Pitch

I know, I know. You’re cleaning and decorating and cooking and dying (with a Y) in preparation for Easter, or are in the big fat middle of Passover or dancing in the garden in the moonlight because it looks like spring is really and for sure finally here. 156 more words

Query Letters