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Well, This One Stung

I got another rejection back this morning, this one from Jennifer Jackson of Donald Maass Literary Agency. It still wasn’t a form letter, so I suppose there’s that much comfort I can take from it, but it was far less encouraging than my first rejection. 128 more words


Round One- Complete!

Aaaand the waiting game begins in full.

I sent out the last of my Round One queries this morning. While I wait, I’ll be gathering my information for Round Two options and checking my email every ten minutes!

Keep those fingers crossed!


First Rejection- John Wordsworth of Zeno Agency Ltd.

So, I just got home from adventuring out to find the bits and bobs of what I need to make a rejection spike (that will be a later post) and I have my first ever rejection. 121 more words


Someone OTHER than WordPress E-mailed Me!

Hey guys!

I just had to share this bright little bit of sunshine! It’s nothing big, but…

I set up an email specifically for submissions. For the past week, all I’ve gotten in that inbox has been notifications from WordPress (Which I would REALLY like to stop. 93 more words



I’ve just made my fifth submission and we’ve officially made it to the point in the first round where I don’t need to pause and fill out anything new–no new CVs, no new Bios. 393 more words


Author CV

So, I’m three down, seven to go and next up is Sheil Land Associates. They’re a British agency I found in my much-loved Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook 2015… 251 more words


Submissions: The mechanics

Submission has got a lot easier since most markets moved from hardcopy to electronic submissions. Their guidelines can be relied on to explain the process, but there are still a few points of mechanics worth being aware of. 1,520 more words

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