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"I'm a Writer": Claiming the Title

On our way down from the peak of Yosemite’s Liberty Cap, my housemate, Max, and I encountered two ill-prepared Hollanders with round bellies and jovial grins. 330 more words

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The Immediate Window

The Immediate Window is a really useful debug too while writing and testing your code. Here are some of me favourite uses. 165 more words


DNS Query

This is a query sent to a Domain Name Server (DNS) to resolve a domain name or host name in to Internet Protocol (IP) address. 100 more words

Domain Naming Server

Synopsis Hell: Writing a Synopsis for Query Letters

I’ve been querying like mad over the past couple weeks.

For those that don’t know what querying is, it’s basically sending a letter/other materials to an agent to inquire as to whether they’re interested in reading your manuscript. 251 more words

Literary Agents

Revising a Novel

My friend Danielle suggested that I write a post about my novel revision process, and since I just completed revising my most recent novel, now seemed like a good time. 746 more words

Amy Sundberg

Another One Bites The Dust

And we have another denial. It was a short one line rejection that basically amounted to “Thanks, but no thanks.”

That’s Four down, Six to go. 67 more words


Query Critique 27

Hi Ms. Nelson,

A message from an ex-classmate leads seventeen-year-old Sam Daley to question what everyone else had taken at face value—that his gifted, easygoing twin had hanged himself in his room one night.  485 more words