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Recap on the #selectedten and four Black List reviews

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem (no, I’m not going to let you forget I’m a Muslim. And no, that’s not ‘speaking in tongues’. It’s speaking in Arabic.) 1,046 more words




Three grey gulls overhead, silent formation,
Looking for the end of the world.
They search for me past the mist and on,
Make me think of an ark in history… 35 more words

The Terror - Giles Kristian

It’s a common thing among writers these days to produce short stories between their main works. Heck, I do it myself on occasion. I’ve seen readers range from loving them and lauding them to moaning about them. 430 more words


Fiona Must Not Fail


Fiona Phillips’ grandfather is seriously injured when a fire breaks out in his studio. The fire also destroys some precious paintings of rare flowers. Fiona sets out to help replace the artwork by travelling the country to look for 10 of the rarest plants to draw from real  life. 14 more words


The Belgariad – Pawn of Prophecy by David Eddings

My husband introduced this book to me as David Eddings was the author that inspired him to read more. Intrigued I decided to give the book a go. 823 more words


In Tormenting Waves

KERRID HELPED AROBO to fetch down the sail-sheet, a struggle with the wind, determined to wrench it away, her fingers made clumsy with cold. A storm was fast-brewing, the tide retreating, the wind against them. 1,879 more words


1 is the loneliest #

{This is a continuation of My Great-Grandfather’s Sword}

I struggled to my feet; took a few shuffling steps towards the edge of the rock outcrop. 176 more words

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