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Ironic or Hypocritical?

I’m working on the files for tomorrow’s class and keeping an eye on Twitter as I go when this retweet caught my eye. So, what do you think? 57 more words


What fact about you surprises people the most?


A lot of people are surprised at how warm or friendly I can be. I have invited strangers to my apartment and made them dinner or taken people in for couchsurfing. 128 more words

25 Questions

Eye Shadow Basics: Part two

The second installment of my eye shadow basics doesn’t deal  with eye shadow at all. I wanted to give some tips on tightening your eyes. I constantly get asked how I do things. 25 more words


Mech Doodle Vote

After looking at a few techniques on speed painting’s I did these mechs giving my self a time limit of about 5 mins for each design. 35 more words

Clash Of The Robots

Modern Day Struggles.

One of the biggest (yet trivial) dilemmas of today, especially for women;

How do I split my time fairly between my partner and my friends? 381 more words

YouTube, Convergence and Remix * Post due by 8am on 11/20/14


I was talking to you all about how this is probably the part of the class that changes the most every time I teach it.   198 more words


Draft annotation week 3

Chou, J & Hong, J 2013, ‘Assessing the impact of quality determinants and user characteristics on successful enterprise resource planning project implementation’, Journal of Manufacturing Systems… 206 more words

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