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It's a Process

If there’s one thing I have learned, it’s that life is a process. Each day is something new–and that’s not always a good thing. Heck, within each day, my point of view can fluctuate from thinking I am totally awesome, amazing, fantastic, ON TOP OF THE WORLD…. 266 more words


Boston Dailies Have Different Answers to Ballot Questions

From our One Town, Two Different Worlds desk

With Election Day just around the corner, we’ve officially arrived at Endorsement Season, when the local dailies weigh in with their voting recommendations. 611 more words

Consumer Culture Post * Due by 8am on October 23, 2014

I want to start this post by saying something I meant to say in class today: people should spend their money on whatever makes them happy.   1,121 more words


Hard Surface Rolling: Update and a Question

Apologies for the terrible lighting! In this video I discuss a very gentle progression I’ve been working through to improve my rolling on hard surfaces. I recently decided to try taking a new student through this progression as well because ukemi has been a real challenge for her. 12 more words


Sports Post * Due by 8am on October 16, 2014

Do you have a particular sport, team or athlete that you follow? Talk about it in the comments. Be sure to think carefully about WHAT it is that you like about this sport and what you think it represents, in terms of US popular culture. 843 more words


Would anyone be interested?

Would any one of my lovely readers be interested in me doing some self help blog post. I have done alot in my life and have found good ways to work with myself even if sometimes I have an off day who doesn’t. 16 more words


Do you think “social justice” in gaming understands intersectionality fully or not?

Ariel: “Depends. Anita Sarkeesian utterly failed to assess Bayonetta and Princesses Zelda and Peach with intersectionality in mind. To my knowledge she wasn’t even aware that Bayonetta was designed by a woman, to be a sexual rather than sexy being; a powerful and independent entity, not a piece of eye candy. 124 more words

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