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MARSocial Special Interview: Question & Answers #2

Hello everyone! So, finally we received all answers from our participants from MARSocial author network. Are you excited to read the answers yet? Question #2 is from author Theresa Moretimer and her question is “What made you choose the genre you write?” 551 more words

MARSocial Special Interview

Is SELFIE addiction???


Recently we often face Hash Tags “SELFIE” and almost everyone from Kim Kardashian to  every one of us takes selfies. Some of us might start refusing taking selfies, but please, don’t try to fool me. 283 more words


Just a random question

What is your favorite season? Why?

Let me know in the comments. :D


Question #2

IF you could eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be, and why?

(random post for 8/8/14)


another question

Ok, please comment this time:

How many of you, the readers of this post, consider yourselves photographers? If you do, please post what equipment you use, what genres you shoot, and what you think are your three best images. 75 more words


June Author Interview Answer #2: “Who's Your favorite mystery/suspense/thriller writer?”

We are now coming to the second question of the June Author Interview series. We had posted the answer for the first question recently. If  you have not read the post, do it so now to learn more about them. 279 more words

June Author Interview

3 Designer jobs

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designers are ‘visual communicators’ and use a range of mediums and styles to create a certain artwork for a business’s advertisement, including photography, animation, colours, fonts, shapes, websites and mixed media. 81 more words

Question 2