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What is something you've tried but would never ever ever try again?


In general, they would be things I’ve tried which aren’t good for me, which I’m afraid of, or things that are way too tiring. I’ve seen Banaue once and we hiked for 12 hours total. 61 more words

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Question 3 - Do video games perpetuate gender and racial stereotypes?

This question is always going to be a bit touchy, because of what it’s dealing with. These are topics that people can get very passionate over, and because of that, I want to lay all of my preconceptions aside and focus only on actual research and what that has to say. 422 more words


Voters turn down Constitutional Convention ballot question

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – Rhode Island voters have rejected a ballot question to call a state constitutional convention.

The constitutional convention proposal was Question 3 on the ballot. 82 more words


What Will Ballot Question 3 do to Local Businesses? Pole Position

For almost 20 years Brad Mark dreamed of opening Pole Position. Ballot Question 3 threatens what he and his family have sacrificed so much for. Help keep Brad’s dream a reality, Vote… 123 more words


What will Ballot Question 3 do to local businesses? Ferraro's

Ferraro’s thinks Las Vegas is already a tough enough city for a small businesses. Ballot Question 3 will only make it worse. Help the owner of Ferraro’s save Nevada’s jobs. 122 more words


What Will Ballot Question 3 do to Local Businesses? Sudden Impact Auto Body

Sudden Impact Auto Body worries that Ballot Question 3 will cause them to cut employee wages. Help save this local family business. Vote NO ON 3! 119 more words


What Will Ballot Question Number 3 Do to Local Businesses? McGhies

Local Las Vegas Small Business McGhies Bike Shop fears that Ballot Question 3 will be harmful to every local bike shop in Las Vegas. Vote  119 more words