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Question of the Day: Reactions to Yesterday's Dragon Age: Inquisition News?

Yesterday, BioWare announced that Dragon Age: Inquisition will be released this October with a new gameplay trailer. What’s your reaction?

Question Of The Day

[Question of the Day] Now That Pharrell Has Given The People What They Have Been Nagging About, How Do You Feel About This Marilyn Monroe Cover? [Music Video Inside]

I feel like Pharrell has made a statement with this cover but, of course you have the naysayers and the pessimists who will slander him for trying to basically, shut y’all up! 39 more words


QOTD - April 23 - Happiness is Like Clogged Pores.

Not everything I write is sad. I don’t think so at least. Well, maybe? I’ve reached a bit of dead zone lately: I’m happy, and I don’t know how to transfer that to the page. 102 more words

The Poetry Question

The Very FIRST One Had A Top Speed Of Six Miles Per Hour, What Is It?

Question: The very first one had a top speed of six miles per hour, what is it?

Answer: Roller coaster!

Congratulations to Tina for winning today’s Question Of The Day! 20 more words


Spring Waterways

Question of the day…

When have you had more than you needed?


QOTD - Perspective

This morning a few students were discussing cell phones.

Apparently, one of their moms was buying one of their six year old siblings a cell phone even though she herself had had to wait until she was *gasp* eleven to get her first phone. 368 more words