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The Healing Power of Green

Question of the day…

What helps you take a big sigh of relief?


Question Of The Day: April 18, 2014

Q: The average American spends $29 on this. What is it?

216-578-0104 to win $50 to The Melting Pot.


[Question of the Day] Could You Ever Inform A Friend About Their Distinct B.O.?

We all have that one friend with the strong body odor, whether it is their breath or arms. We won’t discuss the other options. Being the good  friend that you are, you don’t want to embarrass them but, you don’t want them to go on knowing they have an odor. 20 more words

Question Of The Day

QOTD - April 18 - The Death of Those Who Inspire

The death of Gabriel Garcia Marquez weighed heavily on my heart yesterday. As someone who taught me to see the unreal as simply reality, and who obviously cared so much about his characters, and his audience, he played an important part, when I was younger, in my burgeoning love for literature. 107 more words

The Poetry Question

Warning! Blog virgin here

Well hello there!

Finally, after years of procrastination, (it’s kind of my thing), I have created my blog. Admittedly, this inaugural post will be fairly dull, as I find my feet, but please do bear with me. 131 more words