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Questions in Genesis Part 3: Let There Be and the Question Of Divine Causality

What does it mean when God says “Let there be?” This may seem relatively straightforward, but I don’t think it is. Is it a command at which the thing called into existence suddenly appears? 334 more words


Ad from a 1970's National Geographic Magazine via /r/Paleo


Remember, “Willpower never tasted so good.”

Submitted July 25, 2014 at 11:33AM by cyberjedi42

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So I want to get into hunting. Resources, stories and other information appreciated! via /r/Paleo

I’m having a hard time sticking to paleo at the moment due to my lack of fridge and kitchen, but I hope this will change within the next couple months. 200 more words


[June Theme] Share your best recipes for the Paleo Iron Chef Cookbook (2nd Edition) via /r/Paleo

You may have noticed the link in the sidebar to the original Paleo Iron Chef Competition Cookbook. Well that was compiled two years ago and we had a great suggestion from /u/liddleman that we do another one. 101 more words


Recipes for green bananas via /r/Paleo

Does anybody cook with green bananas? From what I’ve gathered, they’re popular in the Caribbean. Could they be used in place of plantains or are they too different? 17 more words


diary 3

Got the chance to spend another 3 days with all the crazy people of drama class. We had so much fun together and just for the record we’re a great group of freaky people, because we’re having a quiet good relationship on stage, but also backstage. 225 more words


How To Practice Your Triathlon Transitions

Question: How do you practice your transitions when you don t have anywhere to swim? Answer: Spin around 5 times and then run through a puddle. 178 more words