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My love for offal via /r/Paleo

So I used to be vegan. That lasted about five years. It’s funny, because I never really ate a diverse diet before veganism, and now I literally can’t think of a food that I won’t eat. 100 more words


Questions and Queries

Life is full of questions, and don’t we know it. Most of us seek these answers.

To me an author is constantly questioning life, and their books/novels are often like a record of the answers they have found and would like to share. 327 more words

A-z Challenge

Getting carbs from ash? via /r/Paleo

According to a late article (cracked about gladiators their diet was high in carbs and beans, but they used ash and coal as a supplement for Calcium. 32 more words



Forgive my ignorance,
what do you do on a
Good Friday?
would be
All I know is
praise… 18 more words


When your current partner tells you they’re glad your previous relationships didn’t work out (knowing you were in love with one of them) because now they can be with you… is it wrong of me to think that is a fucked up thing to say?


Question Simpole

I’m wondering if anyone has used a simpole? If you have what is your opinion? I have a huge job coming up and I need 50-60 ft of reach. 24 more words

Q&A: First Impressions

The thirty-third question for the Q&A section of this blog is: “Who made the strongest first impression on you?”

I spent a long time trying desperately to find another answer to this question so that I wouldn’t have to give the one I’m going to give, but if I’m going with the honest answer, this has to be it.   528 more words