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“For your information, I would like to ask a question.” – Samuel Goldwyn



Yup, of course belajar itu sesuatu yang membosankan. Dia juga merasakan dan melihat dan tengok dan hadap dan usha dan stare dan going through benda yang sama. 190 more words


It's Asparagus season! Recipe for garlic-roasted asparagus.. via /r/Paleo

I like mine simple as I really enjoy the taste of the asparagus itself, so I use just a dusting of garlic powder and a few pinches of sea salt. 44 more words



“Human trafficking terrifies me. I think it’s the scariest thing to be kidnapped and not know the language and place.”

The above words from a friend were said to me while I took a break from doing homework. 107 more words

Human Trafficking

The answers you seek

must first

be questions found

riddles overpowering

rising up from the ground

Tread gently upon 

the cloud

the air feeds the mind… 90 more words


Best Practices for taxes (from the get go)

Hello WCR Nation, Question about the best process to get into from the ground floor year one as far as taxes and accounting goes. Quickbooks? Wave? 28 more words