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Just bought a bunch of marrow bones. Please help me not screw up my first bone broth. via /r/Paleo

I mistakenly preordered pricey marrow bones from the organic butcher because I live in Germany and I didn’t even know what “Markknochen” were until I saw them… Anyway, now I’m extra determined to make this worth the cost/effort ;) 97 more words


No Fitness test for Fat guys at Golds Gym via /r/Fitness

Not sure where to post this so hopefully you guys can help me out. I am 34 and been out of shape, moved from California to India for work and was just getting fatter day by day dealing with the stress of moving and getting used to the new place. 250 more words


Getting fit for running via /r/Fitness

Hey everyone,

I have to do a beep test soon and I have to reach at least 7.1, so far today I have achieved 3.1 :l… 63 more words


My mate's transformation: 126 kg down to 75 kg via /r/Fitness

Thought you guys would be interested in this great transformation.

He has been training extremely hard these past years to get rid of the excess and win a triathlon. 42 more words


And Then You Ask the Next Question

Sometimes, if you ask
the right question,
and there infinite

right questions to ask,
then the world cracks,
not in a way that makes

it more broken, but… 86 more words

I'll Remember You

If I’ll forget you,

How will I hate you?


A Mind-Boggling Question and Indefinite Answers

I’ve been reflecting back on the past three weeks as an MLIS student. So many questions have been floating around, but one has stuck like glue in that cob-webbed brain of mine. 171 more words