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Need your Advice to answer these questions

So here are the questions it is only two but may you tell me more about them:

1- What is the hardest part when you start drawing? 153 more words


What if something embarrassing happens during my massage?

Bodies are bodies. They do body-things. They pass gas, they digest audibly, they twitch, they need to use the restroom. Sometimes phones go off. For the most part, I don’t care. 340 more words


eggs... in other words who's euro and who is us... via /r/Paleo

so to refridgerate or not to refridgerate eggs both hardboiled and normal?I always kept my eggs in the fridge than i went to europe and did not die so i feel my inter life is a lie! 12 more words


A few questions on WordPress ?

Okay so I come from Blogspot, where I am used to their dash board and the format etc, I am still relatively new to WordPress, I have figured out the very basics as to how to post a blog,how to tag, insert photos and such, but what I NEED to know is how to repost someone else’s blog? 231 more words

Being Flexible

What events do you have going on this week where flexibility will be key?



What would you guys like to see in tomorrow’s Wellness Wednesday post? Do you want a post in healthy snacks, good workout apps, or my favorite fitness twitters, Pinterest boards and blogs? 6 more words