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The Ultimate Question

Hey guys, today I want to cover the age old question, “If God is real, then why is there so much evil happening in the world?” 189 more words


New Area NO Friends

Moving to a new area as a kid is fine, you’ll make new friends at school or at the park. As an adult it’s seriously a lot harder. 390 more words


The so called optimal... Hopping from milestone to milestone, but why ?

I ask you readers what is our connection to the universe ?

My take on the matter is… we are beings of the earth, we were created by this planet through the evolution, of the planet. 1,376 more words


Why I will never go back to the SAD via /r/Paleo

A bit of background: I’ve been eating Paleo (or as close as I can get with the food options I have at work) for about two years now. 233 more words


The Daily Opinion - Blogging?

What is the hardest part about blogging for you?


What is your favorite crockpot slow cooker recipe for lunch or dinner? via /r/Fitness

Need some ideas. Love salsa chicken but there has to be more!!

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Does your life have to have a goal?

One of my great frustrations in life is the existence of a goal.  Goals give life meaning.  Something to look forward to.  Something to plan for. 235 more words