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Thoughts on a standing desk? via /r/Fitness

Currently have APT. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m constantly correcting my posture 24/7, I don’t walk without trying to bring my glutes in/clenched. I’ve also started to consistantly do the stretches on troublesomes guide on APT. 58 more words


New Year's Resolution Time - Here comes the flood of new gym goers! via /r/Fitness

And can we all agree to NOT be that person that complains non-stop about the “extra crowded gym”?

You see it every year. The gymbros and brolitas on your timelines start to moan and groan about all the new people at the gym. 168 more words


How much do you spend on a monthly gym membership? via /r/Fitness

I’m a recent college grad who was spoiled by free access to a gym on campus. I’ve never had to pay for a gym membership. How much do you think is generally an acceptable amount to spend? 107 more words



“Trapped in our own heads,
Surfing every dream.

How do we give so much to others,
But neglect our own team?”



Workout Schedule? via /r/Fitness

I’m 16 years old, 5’9” and 145-150 pounds. I’m not out of shape, but I got some chub on top of some muscle. The muscle I don’t really care that much about, but I was wondering if there was a workout routine or diet or something to trim down on chest and stomach fat at all. 32 more words


Witnessed a wardrobe malfunction yesterday, r/fitness what are some of your gym wardrobe malfunction stories? via /r/Fitness

So at my local gym yesterday, doing my thing, when a young fellow wearing a tank top went to squat. As he unracked the weight, the bar ripped his tank top straps and his shirt fell down around his waist like a skirt. 50 more words


Those of you who lift, how important is stretching and being flexible to you? via /r/Fitness

Morning all. How intensely do you stretch? Just enough to loosen yourself, or are you aiming to be flexible too?

Submitted December 18, 2014 at 06:23AM by norn_necro… 8 more words