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I have a bin in my closet full of old notebooks.  Some of the stuff is older than my blog.  I know what will happen if I read them, but is it safer to burn them?  87 more words

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Need a New Routine

It’s time to do things differently. I have to mix things up because of how bored I am. I get my hopes up and nothing changes. 67 more words

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I feel tired.  I know I’ve stop taken those iron pills, but that’s because I don’t think I need them.  I need proof that I’m anemic.  43 more words

My Life

tell me how it works

how do people fall in love?

is there a place you go

wandering in absent-minded

not realizing you’ve interrupted

someone else

or that he’s interrupted you? 59 more words

I Won't Risk It

Do I deserve to get fired? The last two times I cut I ended up bumping my arm. If someone saw it then I would’ve gotten fired. 76 more words

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I bumped my arm at work today. It’s time to make a choice. Cutting or a job. I don’t know what to choose. My job keeps me centered. 66 more words

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Oh Well

I’m getting discharged from AES because I don’t want to find a new job. Why do people hate me so much? This is all on me though. 71 more words

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