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Day Eleven: Self-Improvement

I usually have at least a slight game plan of what I’m going to be doing on a Dan Day. Today, there was no plan – I kind of just went with the flow but it ended up being filled with things revolving around improving myself. 514 more words

Dan Days


I’m just not sure that I am trans, so I’m going to basically list out everything to try and clear my head.
Some things that led me to believe I was trans: 1,218 more words

I'm Going on a Trip--Ideas from iFLT

In my PQA Hooks presentation at iFLT, I shared several activities that I use to get repetitions of target structures other than traditional PQA or Storyasking. 126 more words

Vocabulary Activities

Why do we trust love?

So swiftly it came,
Like the cold wind
Brushing along the worlds surface.
Sweeping into people’s homes.

Yet, so swiftly it could leave.
Escape in a breath… 58 more words

One-Sided Coin Toss

I find it really hard to accept the fact that people only look at one side of a situation. It’s like if tossing a coin the side that lands’ facing up is the only one that matters. 160 more words

Random Rantings

Woolf on Wednesday

“They must find a way out of it all. There must be some simpler way, some less laborious way, she sighed. When she looked in the glass and saw her hair grey, her cheek sunk, at fifty, she thought, possibly she might have managed things better— her husband; money; his books. 214 more words

Questioning My Decisions

I’m beginning to regret myself. I can’t help either. I’m not satisfied because I always have to play it safe. What I’m doing is surviving. That’s different than living. 68 more words

My Life