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Navigating The Confusion of The World

Is next to impossible. Let’s face it, the human mind can only do so much. There are lots of things that probably won’t ever make sense to us. 216 more words

Questions Trip

     One of the basic distinctions between human beings and other creatures is that humans are able to think and then question. Questions are not limited to class rooms or seminars, questions can go beyond our universe. 447 more words

Blind Faith

Poem: Let's Pretend This Isn't...

…I’m bad at attempting to hide the fact that

I tend to look in the direction of your figure because

that space pulls at my neck, my eyes, my mind… 214 more words

High School

Fear Kept Me Alive

I should be dead. It’s almost the 8th anniversary of when I almost bled to death. I want to continue where I left off, but I’m scared. 74 more words



One day, when I questioned the technical correctness of a particular inspection procedure being followed by my client, he replied that the procedure was definitely correct because it had been recommended by his customer, a world-famous automotive parts manufacturer. 215 more words

Proactive Indian

How to breathe #5 - acceptance

The worst part of depression is letting yourself think it’s all you are. But depression, anxiety, OCD, any disorder, is not a definition of who you are. 312 more words

I Can't Give Up

I really don’t know what to do. My future is unpredictable. I just want to give in to this depression of mine. I can’t do that because I have to fight through. 71 more words

My Life