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Honesty, and Other Policies

I kind of operate under this idea that if you ask me something, I’ll answer it as honestly as I can.

To me, it breeds a sort of wariness with asking questions you might not want the answer to. 315 more words

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Questions to ask

Writers must choose or approach a topic in which they can fully invest and immerse themselves, to write the strongest paper possible. Choosing a topic can be daunting, especially if selecting for a long-term project. 170 more words

10 Guidelines to Help you Navigate Hollywood's Year of the Bible

This is an interesting year for movies and Christians.  With the release of Son of God and Noah—two movies closely based on Biblical events, and the upcoming Heaven is for Real, also closely based on a true story (though a modern one), and dealing with Biblical concepts of Heaven. 284 more words


Impressive Questions to Ask an Interviewer

Interviewing for a job is a drag, but I’ve always had a bit of a knack for it.  Until I started looking for full-time, non-contract jobs, I had gotten a job, internship, or graduate school offer after every single interview I did.  756 more words


Why Are You Hiring a Professional Editor?

Increasingly, I wonder why professional editors are being hired. In reading online discussions, it is pretty evident that (a) everyone thinks they can be an editor, (b) a growing number of authors think that self-editing or peer editing is more than sufficient, (c) professional editors are believed to be overpaid, and (d) people who have edited a romance novel think they can as competently and easily edit a 5,000-page manuscript on the genetics of cancer. 996 more words

Editorial Matters

5 Questions to Ask a Piano Teacher Before You Hire Them

I’ve been teaching piano lessons for nearly 14 years and I’m amazed at how few questions parents have when they call to ask about piano lessons.   905 more words

Piano Lessons