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At the end of every year between gift-buying, upholding Christmas traditions, snowboarding, holiday parties and wrapping things up at work for the year… I like to reflect. 373 more words


8 questions you should ask about the house BEFORE you buy it!

Congratulations! You FINALLY found the one. The deal of a lifetime! After all the swiping, all the “Susie Q. wants you to see this house” emails and the email thread going back and forth between you and your realtor you found the one that “feels right.” Well, before you make that offer make sure you have the answers to the following questions. 2,098 more words


10 questions to ask your family around the table

Plus: 3 stories of gratitude and generosity from StoryCorps

Sometime between the first bite of turkey and the last slice of pie, it’ll happen: a lull in the dinner conversation. 431 more words

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Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-teacher conferences can be exciting to look forward to, but they can also be uninformative if you don’t arrive equipped to ask the right questions.  Often, our parenting cultural emphasizes academic progress, even within the early school years, because it can quantify our child’s development and we associate strong academic abilities with future success and intelligence.   611 more words


"What did you learn in school today?"

How many times have you asked your children what they learned in school only to be faced with the dreaded response, “nothing”. You attempt to have the window shade into your child’s day lifted, only to have it slammed shut before you can catch a glimpse. 156 more words

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