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Who am I?

I think most people would say they have at least a general idea of who they are. If they were asked, they could boil it down to a few sentences that highlight what they feel are their most important characteristics. 384 more words

Where do I even begin!?

Arrived home!

Where do I even begin?

Laundry? Emails? Food? Writing? Sleep?

I really had a lot of time to think during this trip, and a lot of inspiration/influence in guiding my thoughts. 166 more words


Post Grad Purgatory

This weekend, for no apparent reason at all, I slowly began questioning my life and choices more and more. These questions kept churning in my mind so much so that today (it… 330 more words

Post Grad

Not Again.

This feeling. It continues to come back. And each time it does, it comes back stronger. It hits me harder. It makes less sense as to why I would even be feeling this way. 768 more words


Leister Award!

Thank you sonalhira’s for nominating me the Leister Award!

Rules are: Answer 11 questions given to me by the person who nominated me, list 11 random/fun facts about myself, nominate 11 bloggers with under 200 followers to answer my own set of questions, and let them know they’re nominated (I don’t want to leave people out so I nominate anyone who reads this)! 450 more words


Still Going

Happy 209th Day of 2014!

Happy Day to all! Hope all is well with you. I’m still going… Hope you are too.

Last week seem so long. 114 more words


What lies hidden.

What if you had the power to visit someone’s mind?

Not influence it.

Not wipe it.

But just go in to have an unrestricted view of what goes on in their head? 144 more words