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Homework due 10/22

I have questions for the following questions for homework

Exponential Functions and Graphs
Numbers 8&10

Inverse Functions
Number 7


Katie Rants: The Unanswered Questions of Life

Have you ever had those questions you’re just burning to ask but you know they’ll be met with either judging laughter or silence? I have. In fact, I do on a very regular basis. 303 more words


24w4d- A wasted trip and other stuff

My youngest son had an appointment with his Autism doctor today….miles away from where I live….or so we thought….

I am on modified bedrest, really i’m not supposed to be up outta my chair or bed etc… I am only allowed basic care of myself (potty, shower, cooking simple quick meals) and basic care of my kids….I can go outside the home to get things done, but my guy has to be with me at all times because I am such a hemorrhage risk, especially if I am far away (or away in general) from a hospital…. 1,204 more words

inspirational short stories. Grand ways to look at life. Hugs

I have heard some of these before, but never so well presented and so many in one complete spot.  They are a joy to read, more important, they are a great salve to spread on my soul.   35 more words


Philosophy: Like a BOSS!

Philosophy: Like a BOSS!.

I hope some day I can be so centered in the positive of life that I can do this all the time with out even thinking I need to.   Hugs


God, Please turn me into a TV

God, Please turn me into a TV.

For people with children or even lovers who feel they are not getting your attention.   There are people in our life who need our attention as much as we pay to the computers, tablets and phones, along with the TV.   66 more words


Underground Energy

This is my oil painting called Underground Energy. Like the rest of my paintings, I hate it. However, it did spark me to name the blog this and start a record of the things I do and see according to me. 145 more words