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I live in a world that’s full of frustration,
from all of the verbal masturbation.
So many people echoing words of naught,
many of them not using any thought.
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Life And Spirituality

Decision-Based Negotiation: The Fuels of the System

What I managed to learn in Decision-Based Negotiation are the Fuels of the Camp System of Negotiation. Jim Camp’s approach is contrarian compared to the WIN-WIN approach used by many negotiators and as to what I’ve studied in the past. 896 more words

Social Influence

Question Response: Justin T

” Hi, I’m currently a medical student and is thinking of pursing dentistry as well (which led me to your blog :D). May I know which year you left medical school, reasons and such?  536 more words

Medical School

Why Do I Have RA?

That’s a very good question, one I haven’t quite  understood after 43 years.  I talked to a medical intuitive a while back and she told me it was only my energy; I was hoping there was also someone else’s energy that could be cleared.   874 more words



sometimes i wish i could just follow the rules.

but i can’t.

i ask too many questions.

here is a crude and ridiculous illustration i made to demonstrate: 271 more words


Gwendoogle Part LXI - I Ate the Number Thirteen and Can't Nap With All These Glass Cats

Answers served with an out-dated, already-paid ransom note – Happy Easter!

Kate Kearney searched: Is there such a thing as too many post-it notes?
Once upon a time, in a land far away called University, a warrior princess asked her friends this very same question, as they stood in the stark white aisles of a shopping district, arms full of the bright, sticky squares. 1,187 more words


Frequently Asked Patient Questions About Housecall

Patient Questions:

  • Why do I have to enter private information like my social security number and credit card information into my profile?

Private information is used by the provider to verify identity in the case of the social security information, and for billing purposes in the case of credit card information.  932 more words