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Liebster Awards!

Thank you  to Crystal Styles Thoughts at https://crystalstylesthoughts.wordpress.com/ for the nomination!

The rules are:

1. Post 11 random facts about yourself.
2. Answer 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you. 733 more words


Would you mind?

Would you mind if I leave you here? If I erase everything of myself and just disappear?
Would you miss me at all? Will your life go on just like it always has? 151 more words


On blogging and social media sites you have these tags, where you answer pointless, mundane questions that make it easier for people on the internet to identify you in real life. 1,142 more words


Flash Fiction...?

I have a question for everyone…

What are your thoughts on flash fiction challenges? I’ve been thinking about setting some up starting possibly as early as next month, but I’m still on the fence. 79 more words


Nothing To Worship

Let’s play hypothetical.  A follower of some form of the Abrahamic religion puts forth a hypothesis.  This hypothesis contains evidence that perfectly describes the claims of the religion and backs it up.  502 more words


Fears Don't Go Away, do they?

Dear Future-Self-

I am full of fears tonight. I am afraid I will wind up some sad female writer, writing sad terrible romance novels that all end the same way.   200 more words