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Why on Wednesday?

Welcome to Why on Wednesday in which The eLFonian looks at the hard questions floating around in Cyberspace occupying the pages, and minds, of many a Cyberian. 498 more words


The Flat Tire Reality

The Flat Tire Reality

Driving to Oregon once, on a very cold damp night, in the middle of basically nowhere; we had a flat tire. Something shot under the car, heard it bouncing under the car till it finally left our presence on the road; I have no clue what it was or where it went. 853 more words

Life And Living

20 Things You Don't Know About Me

Doubt any of you really know the knitty gritty about being me: I wanted to be a mermaid and have a phobia of toes. Weird, right?  759 more words

Me Myself And I


In any Christian’s life, questions will arise. Asking questions can be scary. Often these questions are complex with no easy to understand answer. In some Christian circles, the asking of questions is even frowned upon because of the tension and doubt that often accompanies such questions. 337 more words

TWEB and HIWAS Report To Us

Does it ring a bell when you enter the shopping mall and the noise is coming right into your ears? I don’t mean here the noise of murmuring customers but the continuous loud music roaring from the omnipresent loudspeakers inside each and every shop of the mall.This is called muzak, the recorded continuous music that tunes the customers into the mood for spending. 258 more words


The use of questioning to aid progress

If you are in the teaching profession you know that the term “high order questioning” is used a lot and is an excellent tool to help accelerate learning and improve progress in your students. 776 more words


A Book of Factoids

“Did Mendel Eat His Peas?” and Other Questions Biologists Ask Historians

For Because College