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The Way I See It

I see seven billion of us spinning through space.

There are more of us every year and we live and die in orbit around the sun. 1,274 more words



My son has 2 very relevant Lenten season questions. I think it was maundy Thursday when he asked “Why does Jesus’ hair have to be long?” and “If Jesus is God’s son. Who is God’s papa?”

Is it rude to ask? On the couch again.

I know there are quite a few people who do these quote edits, I do them purely because I like them.  I have started my little Facebook page with famous quotes and also quotes from bloggers attributed to themselves, of course.   145 more words

still hurting?

I always like asking questions even if I know that the answers are rhetorical.  Especially if the answer is rhetorical. Most people are annoyed that I keep asking questions that doesn’t even need an answer (or so they say!). 348 more words

4 Common Walk-in Cooler Questions Answered

When a convenience store owner, or someone looking to get into the convenience store business, considers all of the facets of the venture, the walk-in cooler is often the center of attention. 158 more words

We thought we had the answers!!!

“We thought that we had the answers,
it was the questions we had wrong.”
- Bono

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Kpop Dance Covers

Ok, I have a confession to make….

I’m a terrible dancer! Sort of…

So, I can go to a club and dance up a storm and I’m actually pretty good. 491 more words