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Kevin Finn Q&A Royal Cinema Theatre 16 Aug, 2014

On the subject of the AVGN Movie I also recorded the Q&A that Kevin Finn the Co-Writer of the movie did at the end.

I apologize for the terrible quality but you must understand the surrounding I was in at the time of recording this. 146 more words


I've really got to stop spamming you guys

Hey guys! I have decided to do a new page called QA With talkingdreamz-my user name-and need questions! I’m really sorry I spam you all, but I need questions. 58 more words

The book filled with troubles, falsehoods

By the time I finished Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina I was overcome by a distinct feeling of emptiness. Not because of the book’s length, though—I’ve read lengthy novels before, most of which I endeavored to close indefinitely (hello… 467 more words


Snack Time!!!

Hello, my name is Maddie and I have an addiction to strawberry Jell-O cups. Don’t judge- admitting is the first step.

Okay, so maybe I have the palette of a 6 year old, but these cups are .99 at my grocery store… you can’t beat cheap. 38 more words


Senior Year

Yesterday I got my senior pictures taken by one of mull favorite teachers. I was so excited to finally get them done. Then the realization hit me. 172 more words


So, what's up with this match...?

When our adoption attorney called on Tuesday, I honestly thought it was a “hey, have you re-done your profile yet” call. It wasn’t. After a few minutes of pleasantries, she said that our profile had been chosen by an expectant mother. 650 more words


10 Signs That You Are An Awesome Web Developer

While perusing the “web developer” tag on Tumblr, I stumbled across this little Buzzfeed-esque list. The full article is here, courtesy of TutorialZine and Martin Angelov, but I wanted to put the main list items up here for you and what I got from each one. 496 more words