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Ask yourself, 'Why?'

Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton asked why.”
Bernard Baruch, American financier and statesman

Who, what, when, where, why, and how. These are the six fundamental questions that journalists answer when they’re investigating a story. 263 more words


Getting to Know You!

I’m nosey and I want to get to know you. So get some wine/tea/water and start answering the below questions. These are also great ice breakers on the first or 45th date. 290 more words

Adolescence: Identity, Fashion and Narcissism

“Identity formation develops from the outside to the inside. this is the main reason why appearance, looks, personal style and all related phenomena are so crucial during early adolescence.”  pg 140… 72 more words


While the Quiche is Baking

Alright. So, I feel so incredibly, and weirdly, brought back to my High School experience right now, though I shouldn’t be too shocked, it really hasn’t been very long. 388 more words


Questions #3

This week we read Chapters 10-12 in Book I, and Chapter 1 in Book II.

1. In Chapter 11, we read about the powers of the Ring and what Frodo… 99 more words

Fellowship Of The Ring

Wrong Dimensions? o-0

I have a body that I made which was originally a personal, but it doesn’t seem to want to upload due to incorrect dimensions? I may be doing something wrong here, but I checked that the dimensions were 128 x 720. 129 more words

A clue to Wednesday's homework (English 10)

Having difficulty with the questions (or rather the answers)?

Here’s the answer to one of the questions:

He (Reagan) may think his speech will convince the Soviet students that democracy is superior to their system, and will work to change their politics. 15 more words