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Color Me Gray.

Day 97. When you recount something that has happened to you, do you typically exaggerate and embellish? If so, why?

If you have ever watched any crime/investigative television, then you already know that there are few stories that escape physical or mental liberties in terms of a witness retelling a story.

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Why, Mum? But, why, Mum? But, why, Mum?

Kids ask questions. A lot of questions. Which is great – it is how they learn, and how they explore the world around them. I read somewhere once that your average 4 year old asks around 300 questions a day. 618 more words


All the time, questions.

They assembled their questions
and laid them before him.
some wanted answers,
reaching towards enlightenment;
for others the goal was to snare and entrap.
Some questions were honest, others devious; 97 more words

IL Judge: OK For SWAT Team To Raid Home Of Parody Twitter Account | Truth

Incredible.  I am beginning to think we live in a police state.   Never in all my life did I think I would hear of stuff like this, much less weekly reports of police gunning down innocent black people.     106 more words


I don't get it (a poem)

Though I made a conscious decision several months ago to stop following the news (especially television news), obviously I still hear about things.

A few weeks ago, I resolved to write something about my utter confusion and disbelief when it comes to the many ways we as human beings mistreat…well…just about everything, especially where violence is involved. 190 more words


Do You Think Like A Free Person?

The concept of freedom is something that many people believe in.  Most consider themselves to enjoy a certain level of liberty, yet these same people, myself included, often voluntarily give up their rights for various reason.   602 more words