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Do You Settle for Easy Answers or Address the Tough Stuff?

Good questions will cure almost any relational ailment you may have, but some of the most insightful questions can be some of the hardest to ask. 709 more words


Neo-Sanyaasi and the constant advise

A year ago, during my many visits to rishikesh in Uttrakhand I encountered this term ‘neo-sanyaasi’. By it’s suffix one can understand it’s a branch of sanyaasi. 509 more words


When do you decide that enough is enough?

I had a job interview this morning. The first job interview in a while, but I wasn’t worried. I thought the job was in the bag, because someone told me, after reading my resume, that I was a rare find in this area. 659 more words


A few questions...

A Few Questions

by Rick Hanson
In this life, what do you really care about?
Looking back, what has mattered to you? Looking ahead, what do you want to keep on the front burner? 247 more words

Where to watch Korean Dramas?

“Ishika unni! Where can I watch Korean Dramas for free and HD?”


Precious Moments

Its funny how you have moments in life, and at the time, these moments seem like just another daily thing. Who knew that 10, 15, or 20 years down the road you’d still remember these seemingly insignificant moments as if they happened just yesterday.

Why God Why?

Why now?  Why her?  Why me?  Why this?  It may be the biggest three letter word in our vocabulary-why.  It is often time the hardest question and most assuredly the least answered-a question that even the most mature and devout of Christian believers struggle with-Why God. 788 more words