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Things you no longer have to ask yourself once you remove yourself from the dating scene

1. He should text me first, right?

2. Is this too dressy for a first date?

3. Wait… am I too casual for a first date? 292 more words


Why Now? And Why Terrorism?

The world is always spinning, people are always moving, there’s love, there’s loss, and there’s terror. Since the beginning of our known history, nations have been battling against one another in the name of their God, their country, and their beliefs. 182 more words


Problem 26: Mystery Number 6

There is a ten-digit mystery number (no leading 0), represented by ABCDEFGHIJ, where each numeral, 0 through 9, is used once. Given the following clues, what is the number? 166 more words


10 Facts About Me

Hello My beautifuls

Today I’ve decided to do a tag kind of thing. Even though no one tagged me. It is a mix between the 50 question tag and many other question tags. 517 more words

Got questions about Keep Your Home California? We’ve got the answers

You have questions, we have answers.

Lots of answers.

Do Keep Your Home California benefits change my adjustable-rate mortgage to a fixed-rate mortgage? How long does it take for my home to go into foreclosure? 356 more words

Ten Questions Every Artist Should Ask Themselves

Every artist that I know has at some point questioned why they do what they do. It’s normal to want to define your goals. And I think it’s a good idea to keep your work on track with your expectations. 250 more words


Know It All

This really bugs me to, when I’m taking to the kids or trying to explain something and they keep saying, “I know mom”. Like, I’ll tell the boy to take out the garbage. 58 more words

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