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Abbey's blunder of the Week

College is busy, but not as busy as my mind is when I try wrapping it around the idea of one day having to find a way to make money and sustain a livable (and preferably comfortable) living lifestyle. 639 more words


I had a love spell casted on my boyfriend then he suddenly broke up, Do love spells back fire?


Hey, major question, wondering, is it normal to have your love of 2 years just break up with you. .. out of the blue, after casting the spells of love & marriage. 412 more words

Diary entry #24 - A surprising reaction

Today i went to one of my neighbors to talk about some stuff during some nice tea. Sounds boring right? right. That, of course wasn’t the real reason i was there. 662 more words


Magic Blogger Dust

If I comment on your popular blog, will some of your popularity rub off on me? Will I then be popular by association?

Will your 10,000 readers suddenly discover me and follow in their masses? 45 more words


Science/Philosophy question

Do we see purple wrong?

Okay so orange is a mixture of red and yellow, and on the electromagnetic spectrum, it’s wavelength falls between red’s and yellow’s. 74 more words


IF? (It's all so odd!)

If the moon was to wallow in a sapphire sky, I wouldn’t blame it if the night had slipped by.

If the ocean refused to crash against shore, I wouldn’t weep, as perhaps it was sore? 86 more words


Sisterhood/Brotherhood of the World Bloggers Award

Wow, so I got nominated by¬†Daniela, so a big thank you to her! Go check out her blog too, she’s super dedicated to it! 550 more words