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who loves me?

who knows…

who knows himself.

who loves

who would leave.

who might?

who needs to be better.

who can tell in this world, 93 more words


#BlogElul 6: Search

The opening of the pilot of the TV show Heroes, from a few years ago,  speaks to this idea.  While the episode is on Netflix… 241 more words

what's your major?

i hate being asked that question.

i don’t like my major. i like my classes, mostly. i don’t know what my “major” is doing for me, other than costing my parents loads of money. 277 more words


Your Thoughts on Tithing

At our recent deanery meeting there was a presentation on tithing given by one of the other priests. It was a topic that I had already been thinking about for quite a while. 107 more words


"Why does it ever have to end?"

“I’ll never understand.”
some things end
and others
but by existing
it will never be forgotten.



Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?Why? Why? Why?

Why do I feel so different from everyone else? Why do I feel like there is some answer to every question in the world, but I will never quite grasp it? 55 more words

Leibster Award

I was so happy to wake up this morning and find that I had been nominated for the Leibster Award by Lilac & Peaches. So I would like to thank her very much and suggest you go check out her beautiful blog! 678 more words