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I'm Afraid Of Being...

By Joshua Blake

Have you ever felt lonely? Of course you have. However, have you ever questioned why that is? Maybe so, but I can’t relate right now – I can’t relate to anything right now. 173 more words


Teething with Baby Chomp Chomp

In exchange for my time and efforts in reporting my opinion within this blog, the owner of BabyChompchomp has provided me with complimentary teething necklaces and amber necklace for Elleanna. 553 more words


{the truth it burns}


the truth it burns

blazing in my bones

they don’t really see it

see me

see her

and her

and what really happened

how can something so large remain so invisible? 589 more words

Personal Renewal

YouTube comments section response

1: many people give to charity because they empathize with the struggle of others, likewise they might see themselves in the people around them, in complete strangers. 440 more words


Songs and Sex

Species of bird which are able to sing, songbirds, number in the thousands. I’ll defer to my ornithophile friends to elaborate. You know who you are. 1,387 more words


Who is MariPaz?

MariPaz was born in Madrid where she pursued her passion for the outdoors and studied a BSc in Geology. She married an adventurous Kiwi whom she met in a cave during an International Speleology Congress where she was working as an Interpreter, and has been living in New Zealand since the end of 1989. 518 more words


Common Questions That I Often Ponder

When I was working through depression, something funny happened. Well, it wasn’t funny at that time; I’ll explain further. One night I was asleep, and I sat straight up in the middle of my bed and began to rant and rave about the lack of friends. 1,144 more words

Just Journaling