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Tonight's dinner

I came home tonight. 9pm. Super hungry. All I could think of: salmon (which I defrosted last night) and cantelope.
I turned on the oven once I stepped in from the garage,  line a baking tray with foil, spray it with some olive oil. 137 more words

Quick And Easy Meals

Making meals... makes me happy

I love to cook.  I love to cook for others.  I love it when they love what I cook.  Awesome.

Here’s a one-dish-meal that was a hit recently… 268 more words

From The Kitchen

Weekday lunches

After almost 2 weeks of not making lunches,  I feel alienated from my own kitchen. To fix this, I stopped being a couch potato (well, for a bit) and went to an asian market. 349 more words


Choices we make

Everyday we have to make choices. Like I still tell my children, you always have choices. You my not like them but you do get to choose and pay the consequences for the choice you pick. 597 more words

Make Ahead Breakfast Sandwiches!

I’m always on the run – and in the morning, it’s tough and breakfast is typically a grab and go kind of thing. I typically leave Eric’s house by 6 am to get to work, so I don’t have a lot of time to make breakfast. 367 more words


Weekday lunches (this week)

I miss spring break. No studying, sleeping in, hanging out…. I wish I could be young again…. so jealous… and because of that, I don’t feel like cooking at all (yes, I am LAZYYYYY, so what?!?!?!) 115 more words

Quick And Easy Meals

Weekday lunches (last week)

Last weekend was crazy,  since Mr. D was on his guys trip, I had a slumber party with my girls,  going out until 4am. And Sunday I didn’t wake up until 1pm. 459 more words