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Review: D'Apple Frozen Food (Chicken/Lamb Chop)

Ini la hasilnya Chicken Chop D’Apple untuk dinner semalam. Nampak simple jek, tapi…masya Allah…sangat mengenyangkan! Hubby saya senyum sampai ke telinga lepas makan…puasss katanya..sedap :) Anak saya, Naqi 3 tahun, sangat berselera…makan ‘ayang’ katanya. 200 more words


Green Juice: Kale Fruit Smoothie

This is the best way to get your morning, afternoon, or evening boost.  Making your own juices that consists of natural vegetables, fruits, and protein will beat store bought juices any day.  286 more words


Chocolate Caramel Topping

I love me some caramel.  This caramel topping is great on ice cream, pies, lattes, or whatever satisfies that sweet tooth of yours.  It is super easy to make and tastes great warm or cold.   112 more words


Snickers Cheesecake Brownie

This cheesecake brownie is dedicated to me.  When you have worked so hard maintaining a household, being a wife and mommy, and taking care of yourself along the way, sometimes you deserve a little treat.   391 more words


Risoni (Orzo) Salad with Spring Vegetables.

Every season has it’s share of produce that’s worth celebrating. For me, Spring is all about asparagus and baby peas. If we’ve had a particularly long and cold winter, as we have had this year, our asparagus season will be long and plentiful; sometimes seeing us through until the end of the year. 617 more words


Rice A Roni Meatballs

My friend shared this recipe with me.  This is a quick, delicious and very easy meal for busy weeknights.  I added a few more ingredients than she did and this is a recipe you can adjust and add things you like to it. 49 more words


Weekday lunches

This weekend I don’t feel like cooking, but then I have a lot of veggies in the fridge, gotta use them before they good bad. 70 more words

Quick And Easy Meals