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Day 13, 14, and the start of 15

Day 13

Just an FYI I REALLY like Morning Star Grillers Vegan Burgers. I just find the flavor on them to be exactly when I am looking for when I want a burger.  667 more words


Zucchini Corn Fritters - Jiffy Mix vs. Bisquick

I have a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share from Porter Farms this summer.  Every Saturday, I get a large bag full of veggies.  I whipped up a batch of my favorite summer meals- pasta w/ goat cheese and swiss chard.   374 more words

Betty Crocker

Weekend Cooking: Nana's Banana Bread

The number one way to feel at home in a new place is to bake like a mofo. And brew coffee… lots and lots of coffee. 269 more words

Do you know the muffin man? Muffins Part 1

I picked muffins to start this cooking adventure because I started this blog mid-week before realizing that I need to go grocery shopping before I ambitiously start cooking.   512 more words

Betty Crocker

Raspberry muffins: Dessert or breakfast?

I went grocery shopping and something amazing happened. Raspberries were $1.50 per pint. Tell me you are not jealous! I bought four pints because I will never find berries that cheap unless I am growing them in my yard. 297 more words

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National Date Nut Bread Day

So last week I had grits, and this week I have Date Nut Bread for you.

Both seem to have bad reputations amongst sassy food lovers. 217 more words


Baking powder biscuits

My mother used to say, “use a new word ten times and it’s yours”. She applied the same method to teaching me to cook. When I was eight years old, she had me make baking powder biscuits ten times over a couple of weeks, until I mastered them. 268 more words

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