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Quick wins, what will you implement?

Now you have defined the priority order for the key data management activities and set up a register to record existing and newly identified data issues. 366 more words

Data Governance

Vegetarian and Vegan Cookbooks

I love looking through new cookbooks.  I scour the Internet for hours looking for new recipes, yet I am surprised every time I open a cookbook and find something completely new and innovative.   1,069 more words


I thought I hated coconut

You know the old adage, your tastes change every 7 years? I completely back that statement, but, it’s not the most common phrase in our house. 736 more words


Ice Age horse skull discovered in the Yukon

A very rare discovery of an intact ice horse skull has been found in the Yukon by palaeontologists. Ice age horses went extinct approximately 12,000 years ago.


Rare coin found in excavation of Bethsaida

During the excavations of the biblical city of Bethsaida in Israel, archaeologists discovered a rare Judea Capta coin. This type of coin was made during the reign of the Roman Emperor Domitian between AD 81 – AD 96.


A Hillbilly Moment: DIY Quick-Fix for Broken Overall Clasps

I love a great pair of overalls, especially ones that don’t make me look too much like Amanda Bynes on “A Hillbilly Moment”. So imagine my dismay when I retrieved my favourite pair of dungarees from the wash, only to find it had broken its clasp! 298 more words


The Quick Fix

I decided last spring to try to fix the problem of weeds in the orchard by planting a combination of johnny jump up, thyme and micro-clover seeds. 538 more words