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Liquid lunch....so yum!

I know you read the title and you started thinking of a shake or soup or something along those nutritional lines.

But you can’t be further from the truth. 154 more words

Quick Lunch

Vegan Spring Rolls

When I was pregnant with Archer, I just couldn’t get enough of the Vietnamese Chicken Salad Rolls from Pei Wei.  I’ve had on my “Kitchen Bucket List” to make some version of them at home for a while now, and noticed the rice paper at the store and decided to give them a try, and I’m so glad I did!   373 more words

Korean Minced Beef and Onions over Rice

Since I was a kid, ground beef dishes were among my favorites. As I grew older, went to college, and had the chance/obligation to cook for myself more often in the small kitchenette in the basement of my dormitory, I would gravitate towards cooking with ground beef. 274 more words

Culinary Creations And Recipes

EAT THIS: Plum & Ricotta Tartine

When today promises to be even longer than yesterday and you’re not sure when your next meal will be, start with toasted whole wheat sourdough slathered in ricotta and topped with sliced plums, honey, fresh thyme and black pepper. 15 more words


Lamb Shank

Can never get enough of lamb shanks! So juicy and yummy! This is a simple lamb shank recipe. I found these ‘enough for 1 person’ lamb shanks in Carrefour. 173 more words


2 minute leftover lunch :)

I’m a starving and don’t have much time to make lunch.

But fortunate for me, I have some leftover fish from Tuesday night’s dinner.

All I have to do for my lunch is, warm up fish in a microwave and while warming, I’ve tossed baby spinach and thinly sliced apples on the plate. 29 more words

Quick Lunch

Lazy Thursday Bento

Here’s my lazy bento for the day. It’s obviously the end of the week, and I’m feeling fried.

Yogurt, mini bagel, and apples. What’s in your lunch today?