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It's lunch time again

There is nothing like a bright red perfectly ripe Tomato, with some light Italian mozzarella and a tiny bit of balsamic vinegar on top. Now don’t forget to season with tiny pinch of salt and pepper. 33 more words


Quick healthy lunches ūüĆĹ

Like I’ve said before, I don’t cut out bread from my meals but I do try and go for the best option and try not to have it every day. 293 more words


Leeky Cheesy Pasta 

I’m getting this food prep thing down. I’ve got a crazy busy weeking, home late 4/5 days so needed a go to lunch which was filling, tasty and would last a couple of days. 134 more words


Garlic Herby Chicken and Roasted Pepper Pitta Pockets

Variation from my last post on pitta pockets, these are even easier to make. I do the assembly of the pitta pocket at work and bring the filling in tuppaware pots, otherwise the bread goes soggy. 105 more words


Poached eggs and leftovers

Poached eggs are one of my favorite lunch items. They go well with almost anything, are easy to make while  lending that air of brunch-time sophistication, and best of all are packed with protein. 256 more words

A La Minute

This post was originally a ramble about milk. You're welcome.

Yes, I had originally gotten about 300 words on how almond milk is just water, but regular milk often¬†contains growth hormones, and I don’t know how to feel about these things. 616 more words


Baked Breaded Chicken Pitta Pockets

Yummy, filling and cheap lunch. I will also learn how to make hummus eventually. Recipes on a postcard please!

1) chop raw chicken breast into strips and roll in beaten egg. 52 more words