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quick-pic: Croissant Donut

So lecker sieht ein Croissant Donut aus. Hier die Variante Grüner Tee mit Cremefüllung. Passt wunderbar zu Kaffee oder Tee. Auf die fahr ich vollkommen ab.

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quick-pic: try on outfits

So I had to buy shirts for work. And you know these days where you don’t have the matching cloths for this kind of venture? Well in this store, which wasn’t fancy at all just a regular shop, they had try on slippers and shirts to match pants or suits or whatever you want to buy. 61 more words

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Quick pic: Skirt steak for dinner

It’s not the most glamorous cut of steak, but skirt steak is quickly becoming my favorite.

If you’ve never had this cut before, it’s worth a try for the cost alone. 143 more words

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quick-pic: abkühlen UND tee trinken

Hier ist es heiß und die Luft ist feucht. Daher trinkt man Tee auch häufig kalt. Mit einer Süßigkeit. Heute: 羊羹 (Youkan)! Itadakimasu!

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quick-pic: Regenschirmschloß - Kasarokka

In a country where you either carry an umbrella or a sunshade these come in very handy once you enter a building. Just choose your favorite number and take the chip with you. 50 more words

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