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Aches And Pains, Yet Again

As my practice, I reserved a day off after my birthday, because really, I wouldn’t be in the right mindset to take in calls anyway.  That, and I also wanted to have a day all to myself for a change.   213 more words

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Birthday Come, Birthday Go

As usual practice during my birthday, I woke up early to attend the first mass of the day.  This meant that I wasn’t able to accompany my father to the market, but he had the baby’s minder to help him, so it was okay.   435 more words

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The Eve Before That Day Again

It’s the first of my two day offs, and it started with my nephew (with his grandfather in tow) paying me a visit to my room.  408 more words

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Doggie Love

I’m currently sitting in the vet, waiting for my oldest dog to come back from getting xrays. She’s 10 years old and veterinarian thinks she’s getting arthritis. 234 more words


Weather Rollercoaster

Suffice to say, it was quite rainy today, to the point that I had to take an umbrella with me… except the foldable umbrella I took with me didn’t really open properly.   269 more words

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Thank Goodness For Small Blessings

Today didn’t start too well.  I got up slightly later than usual, which kind of snowballed to me leaving the house already way past six in the morning.   361 more words

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More Of Nothing At All

Not really that much to share about my day today.  I woke up on time, and despite spending like twenty-odd minutes doing some Kantai Collection daily quests, I was still able to bath, have breakfast, and prepare for work without enough time to not worry about getting late to the office. 171 more words

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