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Just a quick post

I did get the camera brought in today BUT….I didn’t get the pictures taken. I have requested the help of my mother or sister to help me take them and to help with my measurements. 82 more words


I’m feeling really sick right now, and it sucks really big balls of gross. My school had Easter Mass today and I didn’t go. Three reasons: I’m sick, it’s boring, I’m not Catholic. 188 more words

wednesday morning thoughts

1. Number 1 question in life: why does racism and religious intolerance still exist??? So disgusted by it, it’s not even funny. #respect

2. I dread going to class tonight. 131 more words


Forgetting It's Still Midweek

It’s kind of surprising that it’s still Wednesday, but then again it should have hit me immediately the moment that the error screen appeared on the browser window I was playing Kantai Collection at work in… Which signaled the start of maintenance (and the 1st Anniversary event for the game). 179 more words

Personal Thoughts

The lucky ones..

I just came back from my lunch break when my colleague informed me that I got a call from the security office. No..I didn’t make trouble or so :P They only needed me to hand in a form for the 24 hours entrance permit. 170 more words

Quick Post

Dunno If I Should Feel Happy About It

Woke up earlier than usual, and I was out of the house and on the way to the MRT station before five-forty five.  Thankfully, when I arrived there, there were no long (and unmoving!) lines into the station, though there was admittedly a short one to the turnstiles themselves.   245 more words

Personal Thoughts

Managed Somehow

For once, I was glad that I woke up and left early, since I was able to bypass a situation that might have caused me to be late for work, where I noticed the massive and nearly unmoving line into the EDSA MRT station.   142 more words

Personal Thoughts