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Bomb Diggity Healthy Chinese Takeout - Shrimp Noodles

I have the upmost respect for those that work full-time that still find the time and energy to train like a beast and compete at a high level. 633 more words

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Six Word Saturday

Six Word Saturday is all about describing your current situation in six words only.

Here’s mine: “Valuing myself like never before. Priceless!”


Thanks for the idea > Six Word Saturday


Quick Thought

Quick Thought ver Three Episode Rule: Sabagebu! – Survival Game Club!

A break from rails and bewbs to feature guns and silliness. The over the top comedy that left the fourth wall crying in the corner and replaced by an empty chair. 665 more words


Quick Thought: Being Strong

Just read Robin Lee’s article on redefining “being strong” and healing. 

Article: “Wow I Wish I Could Be as Strong as You”

She writes about how strength isn’t necessarily not crying or refrain from using emotions but to be authentic and handle what comes.  94 more words

Quick Thought

I'm On to You

At first I took offense to being underestimated
But taking offense is overrated

Instead I’m going to use it
To get to the bottom of all your bullshit… 71 more words

Being Real

Quick Thought: Random Rambling and Summer 2014

An apology to the scant few who follow me. The Three Episode Rule posts on Argevollen and Aldnoah are put on hold/dropped. The two series have achieved something that I thought wouldn’t be possible, and this is to bore me, not even Coppelion did this, and I watch an episode or two every once in a while, same with Kiniro Mosaic. 815 more words


Quick Thought: Back to YOU

It’s a little scary to think how one thing (person, problem or situation) consumes us. For too long I tied myself to something that had no realistic benefit to my life. 130 more words