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Quick Thought: Fall 2014 Anime Season

With the end of the summer season upon us, it is time for me to look forward to what I can expect for this season. And truth be told, it’s gonna be a bit of a doozy. 1,130 more words


Brooklyn Baby

The issues surrounding Lana del Rey’s music are plenty, besides making an argument about wether or not her music is original, innovative, and worth the purchase, there are many complaints about the themes she includes in her lyrics. 1,063 more words


Quick Thought: Situation Normal – All Foch’d Up

My condolences to Marshall Ferdinand Foch, but that was actually a ‘clean’ curse word issued by many tankers after meeting the AMX 50 (155) “Foch” Tank Destroyer. 982 more words


Quick Thought: Boring Blue Skies

In a conversation with my photographer friend on Sunday afternoon, I noted how beautiful the blue sky looked but also how boring it was. It was “just plain blue skies” I said. 87 more words

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Quick Thought: An Out-Numbered Life

The key word here is “wildly out-number”. Always feel however you have to feel but ultimately choose to feel uplifting than anything else.

I’d like to take Karen’s lovely quote and add a line (or six…). 102 more words

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Rethought & Redesigned

Welcome to the all new, redesigned Nonni’s at 7!

For the past year and a half I have had the privilege to write freely about many subjects. 244 more words

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Quick Thought: Game of Thrones Character Omissions

This week it was announced that certain characters from HBO’s Game of Thrones wouldn’t be returning next season, Here’s my quick reaction.  Spoilers follow so beware. 249 more words