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Quote of the Week

Inspired by Silver Threading event “Writers Quote Wednesday” http://silverthreading.com/

I love this Dr. Seuss quote. It helps me write just like that from left right brain, from sad tragedy to happy elation. 10 more words

My Entries

Quick Thought: This Season’s Dropped / Three Episode Rule

Okay, I promised myself to write a Three Episode Rule for every anime I wanted to watch. But that isn’t going to happen. Some shows I don’t have the time for except to watch, others are being blogged by almost everyone, and some I want to go and punch their animation and writing teams. 239 more words


To Care Less is Careless

Leave everything better than you found it, including people.
I believe this to be true.
Even when it costs a little more than you can chew. 127 more words


The world is innocent and simple

The architecture of the ceiling, the bustling commuters and the moving shadows. Its funny how the world seem so innocent and simple once you sat down and observe every little details, from corner to corner.


Quick Thought: Sorry Not Sorry

Earlier this week a guy (possible full-time bum – no offense…) asked me if I had a cigarette. My response – “Sorry, I don’t smoke.” Wait, what?! 160 more words


Another Chance; Another Try

It has been three days since my last post. I have decided to give it another try, another last chance; not because I was lonely or dependent but because I need to know that I gave it my all. 187 more words


The First Date Case

Situation: You are at the pool and realize that you did not have a towel to dry yourself off but  a seemingly unclaimed clean towel is laying on the bench in front of you. 320 more words

Quick Thought