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The Involved Groom|Triad Wedding Planner

Yes Brides! There is such thing… I am not making it up. There are some grooms who are very active in the wedding planning process and enjoy it. 172 more words

Wedding Advice

Opening Projects the Easy Way

I’ve gotten so used to cd-ing into my project directory and writing subl . to have it pop open in Sublime Text. It is worth the heroic effort!  6 more words

The OWL To The Rescue

We’ve all been there.  It’s 3 a.m and you’ve been frantically working to finish a huge research paper; the only thing left is…the bibliography.

The hair-pulling and screaming ensues. 237 more words

Quick Tips

Marketing: A Love/Hate Relationship

Marketing. The word itself makes executives cringe. It involves research, development, testing, creating, targeted messaging, platform configuration and so much more. Marketing is exhausting, time consuming and can be quite expensive if you do not know exactly what your company needs and wants. 222 more words


Linear Gradients

Ever wanted to create a colourful  linear gradient? 58 more words


Linear Gradients

Ever wanted to create a colourful linear gradient? 13 more words



Running out of text ideas for your web startup design. 65 more words