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Is Your Heart Healthy Enough for Sex

Who doesn’t like sex?  Right?
It’s the aftermath we fear. That’s where the negative perceptions come in, the reluctance, the apprehension. So what can we do, how can we avoid the negative things. 462 more words


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Clown Face No Mo - THE Foundation for South Asian Skin is Discovered

Hello vain desi ladies,

If your foundation doesn’t match your actual skin-tone, it doesn’t matter how much you’ve paid for it, you will look tacky. Pennywise (scroll through gallery please, he still scares me the way he did when I was 3) is not in fashion anymore. 1,283 more words


From Patio to Plot: Make sure you have the right garden equipment for your new home

By Meg Sparwath

A move is always a mammoth undertaking, but moving from an apartment to a house is especially challenging. A profusion of new responsibilities comes along with the excitement of owning a home. 624 more words

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Care for Crispy Gardens: How to diagnose and treat a too-hot garden or lawn

By Gene and Katie Hamilton

This time of year, gardens and yards are just this side of crispy if you aren’t ardent with the watering or blessed with slow, steady rain. 587 more words

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Tool Maintenance: Give all your tools a tune-up with this how-to advice

By Roy Barnhart

Take stock of your tool shed, and then follow the following tune-up advice.

Weed Cutter: Disassemble the weed whip and screw the blade to a wood block with the blade overhanging one side. 834 more words

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Vertical Gardening: The Ultimate Small Garden Space Solution

By Dave Donovan

Do you love the taste of fresh, home-grown tomatoes and cucumbers or enjoy a colorful array of blooming flowers but you just don’t have enough of a yard to accommodate your green thumb? 573 more words

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