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15 most effective medicinal herbs to grow in your garden


The medicines that we see today, including the heavy antibiotics and the normal syrups, never existed century ago. However, people since inception have been taking a different form of medications for illness and other health problems. 877 more words

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How Powerful Is Your Passport?

Here’s an interesting look at the power of mobility held by each country’s passports. North America and Europe are the centers of passport power with Africa and Asian possessing some of the least advantageous documents. 27 more words


But my knees are already out ... Aren't they?

“Shove your knees out!”

“Knees out! Knees Out!”

I’m sure you hear it all the time at the box and some of you may be thinking, “I AM pushing my knees out … why is it not working and why exactly am I doing this?” 1,137 more words

Quick Tips

Free Tack Pass - The Red You Need (without putting a dent in your wallet)

Hello Ladies,

There comes a day, in every girl’s life,  when she needs to outshine that bitchy rich girl she knew back in school at a partay or a wedding or maybe a brunch. 668 more words


Shady Brands be Fine Cause They Got the Shine? I Think Not!

Hello Desi Ladies,

I’ve noticed a lot of you carrying around fake or substandard versions of high turnover cosmetics in your makeup bags – no, the Naked2 Palette you picked up for a total of 10 dollars is not the original. 537 more words


5 Quick tips that will keep you Motivated to go to the Gym

ONE thing people ask,

How do you find the motivation to go to the gym?

Well It’s not always easy, but I’m here to say you too have that motivation within you.

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Is Your Heart Healthy Enough for Sex

Who doesn’t like sex?  Right?
It’s the aftermath we fear. That’s where the negative perceptions come in, the reluctance, the apprehension. So what can we do, how can we avoid the negative things. 462 more words