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Kasi Halwa (Ash Gourd/Winter melon Halwa)

Last week, we had attended a function, wherein we had tiffin meals. All the items served there was new to me as it was a typical Tamil feast. 183 more words

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Kaduku manga (Kerala Style Mango Pickle )



Onam is just around the corner. Kadukumanga is one of a must have pickle in Onam Sadya, the traditional feast. What I like the most about this pickle is the crunchines of the mango pieces. 116 more words

Quick To Make Recipes

Karaikudi Chicken Stir Fry

Couple of weeks back, we had visited a restaurant where we were served Karaikudi Kozhi Masala 65 as a starter. We enjoyed the dish so much that I had made up my mind to recreate the dish at the next opportunity. 198 more words

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Batter Fried Squid Rings

It was one of those days where my afternoon nap got a bit too long. When I woke up from my beauty sleep, I realised that I didn’t have much time left to make snacks for D. 166 more words

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Squid Masala

Here is the recipe of Squid masala, a spicy dish that goes well with rice. 149 more words

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Lemon Rice

Here’s the recipe of Lemon Rice for those who are keen on trying to bring some change to their daily bowl of rice. :) 155 more words

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Unniyappam (Without Banana)

Unniyappam is a popular snack item of Kerala. It is usually made of ground rice, jaggery, banana and coconut bits. I haven’t been a big fan of Unniyappams till I got to taste one that my MIL made. 252 more words

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