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She walks from the bed to the window that’s glowing with morning light.

He hopes she realizes how her white, translucent nightgown wonderfully matches the curtain hanging in front of the window, that is also covered by slats blocking out most of the light. 292 more words



“It’s okay,” she said in her best soothing tone. “It’s completely fine.”

He grunted. “Easy for you to say. It’s not happening to you.”

“But it does. 596 more words


Resemblances to Miriam

The third one, and she still wasn’t Miriam. There had been somewhat of a resemblance, which was why Derek had picked her out in the dating website in the first place. 378 more words


A Little Bite

As Alecia bent forward and pushed her jeans down her legs, Brent, who sat on the edge of the bed, watched her intently. Particularly, he looked at the curves of her butt and the lace-fringed edge of her creamy orange panties, and how the edge of those panties rose diagonally up the butt cheek that was closest to him. 75 more words


In Good Hands

“Mmm,” purred Vivian, “I’m always in good hands with you, Rodrigo.”

As the heel of Rodrigo’s palm pushed upward, along the muscles in the right side of her back, he replied, “Glad to do it, as always. 383 more words


Big Stein

Daniel’s jaw dropped when the dirndl-wearing waitress thumped down six big steins of beer on the table before him and his group of friends.

“Why are you Americans so surprised?” 277 more words


Imperfect and Sexy

Once the couple returned home from their shopping trip, Nikolay dropped the bags on the floor and kissed Renee with the lust that had been building in him for hours. 559 more words