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Life Beyond Futbol

Larissa felt sad for him, even though Andre looked peaceful as he slept. She supposed this was the one time that he could find peace during the World Cup. 536 more words



The fans throbbed and cheered. They were like a monstrous heart, pounding with passion, life. Sofia felt as if everyone in the audience around her moved as one, even the people wearing colors different than her, the fans cheering on the other team. 722 more words


(Quickie) Germany vs Portugal 4 - 0

Finally I got some results related to search terms that led someone to my blog:

I doubt he found what he was looking for, but hey, you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth – one additional viewer scored! 16 more words


All Hail Casear

Eva tried to control her anger, and when she said, “If didn’t need this job, I would throw this drink in your face, then slap the shit out of you,” it wasn’t by snap-reflex. 1,282 more words