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This chart shows the number of 9 hole rounds (scoring my own ball) I’ve played each year. I’ve played more golf than this, but some rounds are scrambles or other team formats, which I don’t keep track of. 13 more words

Nick Momrik

“For time is the longest distance between two places.”

- Tennessee Williams


HumpDay Quickie #31

The Tinkerer

by Image Ronin

‘Police been on the phone love … you want to go?’

Cedric shook his head, his gaze never lifting up from his workbench. 342 more words

Flash Fiction

A part of me


Normally, people tend to sought for things that are no longer within their arm’s reach, and honestly I am also part of that population that makes it whole. 136 more words


Not Even Close

Waiter (in training): “Can I get you something to drink?”
Me: “Do you have Mountain Dew?”
Waiter: “Yes.”
Me: “Great.”
Waitress (his trainer): “Did you just tell him we have something we don’t?” She looks at me and says, “We have Coke products.” 44 more words

Nick Momrik