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Day 319

Super quickie sex.  ~4pm

While we were watching a sports program, which he was interested in, supposedly while I was more interested in catching up on some reading.   107 more words

Quickie - Masters of Sex: Mirror, Mirror

Quickies are my quick first reaction to an episode of one of the many shows I watch. Every monday, we’re treated to a new episode from the excellent show Masters of Sex. 549 more words




Honestly, back in the middle of my peaceful walk. I suddenly heard a woman’s shrieking voice from the left bottom part of the meadow land, yet as I go back and got confused with directions. 109 more words


Little Bundles

You  know how even back in high school, there were those kids (usually girls) who were all “I looooove working with kids!” I learned to parrot them on tutoring and babysitting interviews, even though I didn’t get kids, didn’t think much about them, and certainly preferred not to be in their presence. 292 more words

A Bit Of Real Life

Day 311

Post short break sex.  ~10:30pm

At the beginning of the day, I had thought that we were going to roll in bed passionately.  Towards the afternoon, I couldn’t foresee that happening, especially when he came back dead tired.   51 more words


“Harmony makes small things grow, lack of it makes great things decay.”
– Sallust


Adult Version of the Ice Cream Truck

Whenever I hear the UPS truck driving through the neighborhood I get excited and try to remember if I ordered anything. More often than not though, the truck doesn’t stop at my house. 15 more words

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