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Bakin' Bacon

Trying out the Bacon Method for the first time with some thick cut bacon from Jack’s Fruit & Meat Market.

Nick Momrik

I <3 Kids

I <3 Kids

Being a kid is also considered as another crucial life event of an individual that stands firm for the growth of an individual’s psychological perspective, physicality, emotional, intellectual capacity and social capability in the near future. 155 more words


Warding Off Demons Inside

Blood boils, Unquenchable thirsts, Worldly desires, Sex,  Stealing, Homicide, and Gluttony. These acts were demons that took form as temptations brooded in my head as a young adult. 214 more words


A Black Saturday: High Five!


My left foot’s tarsal bone navicular still swells up with searing pain, yet I am still grateful for this kind of thing came up from the recent walk-athon that has been done yesterday. 697 more words


Just a few quick updates while I wait for a show to begin.  :-)

Abranimations has released exploding chickens for Easter – use the HUD, rezz chicks, and then click on them to explode.  31 more words


The only self-help book you need on your shelf.

Hey all (4 of you apparently):

It must be a positive that DT Log 424 was so well-received, a couple of people favorited the DT Log WordPress blog. 188 more words