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No Lines for Poetry

Back in my “Communication Arts 2″ class on my second semester. I always sit on the back of the class. I reckon that, the aisle of the classroom was almost filled by my block mates. 233 more words


Romance in Paris

No need for an age advisory on this story—no explicit descriptions of sex. It’s a little different than my usual erotic fiction, but I wanted to try a different take. 748 more words


Meaningless Megalomania

The worm struggled so valiantly on the warming concrete of the sidewalk. Its uncomfortable, searching squirm brought my mind to compassion. So strange that a worm, this being of single-minded comprehension could engage a host of sensations far beyond its awareness or understanding. 214 more words

Austin Moss

Stay or GO: My PROS and CONS at Entering Young Adult Relationships

As I type this now. I presume that everyone of us has their own pros and cons, yet I wanted to tamper it with my senses, and here are the lists of… 119 more words


HumpDay Quickie #16


by: Beth Deitchman

Catherine hugged her arms close to her body and shuffled her feet. A crash in the alley made her whip around, wincing at the pain in her head and ribs. 327 more words

Flash Fiction

I Met A Big Dick


It was already late in the afternoon. I was having a hard time to clear my thought about some decisions on what I’ve received through my important e-mail account. 387 more words


The 1st Quickie

Hello. Welcome to The 1st Quickie

This one is about the black/white dress. Break out of the box of accessorizing your black and white dress with other black and white things. 89 more words