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Please send me anything but signals that are mixed.

I’m confused.


Programming note: April 17, 2014

The 7 1/2 people who check my blog have probably noticed that posting has been sporadic for the last several weeks.  I thought that making myself do at least one daily post would keep me in the habit of updating this space regularly.   112 more words


Long distance lust

WINNER! Congrats GenevieveSing!

It had been three whole months since we’d last seen each other. There had been heart-ache, tears, way too many regretful one night stands, and all the drinking required when you’re separated from the only person with whom you’ve felt such a strong romantic connection. 1,991 more words

Adventures In BDSM

My pink rose

Every day was the same for me. Open the store, help grumpy people, close the store. I felt content but bored with life. Stocking shelves, sweeping up dust, answering phones. 371 more words

Stranger Erotica

A Man Walks into a Bar...

A wise woman once said: Paris is always a good idea. You know what’s always a bad idea? Sleeping with your co-workers. Even in Paris. I’m not sure how common an occurrence this is in the average office job but in the bars I work in, inter-colleague coitus is standard, if not… 912 more words


It's Tax Day. You Need This Right Now.

On a related note, this is probably the first and last time “Tax Day” and “Smell Yo Dick” will be meta-tagged in the same post. Enjoy this history.