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Increase your self esteem by losing the extra fat from your thighs and body

Body image has a great feeling on our confidence and if you would be able to lose weight , thsi confidence wouldincrease . A female with a healthy body complexion finds it simpler to integrate better in social circles and complete tasks given to her successfully. 618 more words

Photoshop for Lautrec

Quickly had two prompts today. One wanted not quite one thing and not quite another. The alternate–two pictures of Toulouse Lautrec, one of which was double-exposed or otherwise manipulated to show him in apparent conversation with himself. 144 more words


Quickly And Wonderful: Six Hairstyles You Can Do In 5 Minutes Or Significantly Less

In a rush? No time to do a big, fancy updo? Or perhaps you are on the move right after a exercise at the health club or simply do not want to commit oodles of time in front of the mirror. 20 more words

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That Escalated Quickly

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I just looked out the window. On the patio–perched on a door propped on its long edge (GOT to get that thing recycled), half in bright sunlight and half in shadow–was a cardinal. 19 more words

Poetry Prompts

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On Poetry

Do not begin.
I warn you. That sign
Abandon Hope
belongs on poetry.
Like the bugs
that burrow in your skin… 21 more words