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People Can Quickly Relax When Soaking in Quality Vancouver Hot Tubs

While the world won’t be seeing another contraption like this anytime soon, people can still enjoy the warmth and relaxing feeling that a long hot bath offers. 120 more words

Want to Expand Your Reach Quickly? Get into Visual Marketing

Visual marketing is coming to a screen near you. In fact, it s already there! The technique of using videos, images and other content connected with some visual element, (such as blog posts) is getting huge attention now as these mediums show themselves effective at driving far more traffic and sales than mere text. 115 more words

Smokin' Hot Spaces/My New On The Internet Shop Coming Quickly

  Probably it is due to the fact it really is Friday, just celebrated 15 years of marriage to my husband, or that I merely am passionate about design, but today I wanted to share some hot, sexy vignettes & spaces that I am loving!   18 more words

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MAC The Simpsons Collection: Coming Quickly To The Springfield And Shelbyville Malls by Chic Decorations

Wearing the new MAC The Simpsons Collection while on getaway in Springfield
“Excellent…” she stated maniacally, her fingers steepled in front of her, Mr. Burns-style. 37 more words

In a Bind? Ways to Quickly Find Opportunities to get Money for College

“Free Money

Don’t lose hope that you can somehow find grants and scholarships for your kids, even when you only have a short time to look. 89 more words

A Bipolar Post

This is what happened last night. Let me just say that anyone who says drawing on yourself helps is a giant fucking liar. However hill sprints and puking definitely help. 198 more words

Part Two

Six words from Quickly’s list, each with two lines. Narrowing the focus a little, so It’s got a title.

call it what you like: a ten-year binge, an interlude, research… 141 more words