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Picture an object. A specific object , but something you can’t see right now. Imagine walking around it or turning it on a lazy susan or other carousel. 28 more words

Poetry Prompts

for Quickly: re, re, re (all the way home)

Quickly suggests some forms of rhetorical repetition. Added some of the We Write Wordle

Got Some Days and Some Amplification

Some Days

Some days, ideas appear… 180 more words



It was Easter weekend, in the United Kingdom this makes for a good excuse to drink in the sun.. thankfully we had the Sun and the drink. 1,067 more words


April 22


Here’s a quick look at rhetorical repetition (Wikipedia)

  • Antanaclasis is the repetition of a word or phrase to effect a different meaning…

382 more words
Poetry Prompts

for NaPo: NY Poet-ish and Quickly's start to finish

NaPoWriMo.net wants a

“New York School” poem using the recipe found here.

And Quickly has a start-to-finish prompt. Fortunately, they work together.
I do not love the “New York Poets.” Good, they’re good.

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Three whole weeks.
It takes about 21 days for a hen’s egg to hatch.
The gestation period for some opossums can be as short as 8 days. 25 more words

Poetry Prompts

For Quickly's roy.g.

A little thing about no one in particular


She was like a white Crayola
in a box of stubs and brokens.
Not pink or brown or golden; 48 more words