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Review Makalah Quid Pro Quo : The Challenges of International Strategic Intelligence Cooperation (Crish Clough)

Beberapa negara menjalin hubungan strategis dengan cara saling bertukar informasi dan analisis intelijen. 1,988 more words

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Wilderness: The Next 50 Years?

Wilderness: The Next 50 Years?

By: Martin Nie and Christopher Barns

September 3, 2014 commemorated the fiftieth anniversary of the Wilderness Act of 1964. No other environmental law, save perhaps the Endangered Species Act, so clearly articulates an environmental ethic and sense of humility. 2,095 more words


Quid Pro Quo in Politics

Quid Pro Quo, a latin term which translates to “something for something”, is usually what we use to describe a give and take relationship. In politics, it seems that quid pro quo can… 114 more words

Think About the Children!

Normally, that phrase really gets my goat, as it’s used in a self-righteous, messianic, moralisitc, and increasingly tedious manner.  So I have a good reason for using it. 536 more words


To Vote, or Not To Vote. That is the Question

Now that it’s time for mid-term elections, we will hear both Democrats and Republicans making their cases for why we should vote for them. Each party’s candidates are fighting tooth and nail to secure your vote in hopes that they will gain an advantage in political power over their counterparts on the other side of the aisle. 1,439 more words


An Open Invitation to Fellow Bloggers to Collude for Our Mutual Benefit

Like most unpopular bloggers, I have been reading extensively on the fine art of promoting one’s blog. The most common advice seems to be the well known saying that “It’s not what you know but who you know.” For a long time in my life I hated this saying, partly because I’m terrible at and hate networking, but also because I dislike the sad truth than connection is more important than competence in our world. 579 more words