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"Q"uiz - Results!

Last week I posted a “Q”uiz with the seemingly insurmountable challenge: without search engines/peeking at record collections, list as many “Q” artists as you can in 60 seconds.  158 more words

Day 39: Quiet Riot

With a lighter activity schedule this week, I am spending less time shuttling, and more time cooking, rather than throwing meals together between activities.  The downside to this week’s schedule is that I have less time to run errands while the kids are in activities, and thus must schlep them with me.   323 more words


Top 5 Glam Metal Songs of the '80's

The 1980’s, where guys looked like girls and girls loved it.  Where a can a Aqua Net was a must have for a man or a women and the Rock Star’s of the day did their best to one up each other in a frenzied race to see who could be the best looking Drag Queen.   1,030 more words