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Quiet - The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking: Am I an Introvert?

My physiotherapist – an introvert – recommended this book to me. I see her twice a week (mostly) and I love her, so I took on reading non-fiction (gross) so that I could tell her about what I thought in one of our many sessions attempting to fix my feet. 643 more words

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the elaborate boy

On crisp mornings
he likes to gather tears
and seek stories.

And I
am silent 
As I sit and watch
the elaborate boy

And I… 53 more words

Peace Be Still

Enjoying the stillness of nature as it reflects a very busy city.

Central Park, New York

A world at night

I love capturing night time when the moon lights the whole earth up like its daytime, it gives a beautiful effect when you develop this visual with film like i have done here, i am really happy with this first one done with just the natural light of the moon, it was so full that evening! 10 more words

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A moment

I’m toasting hazelnuts and watching the rain fall from an overcast sky outside the dining room windows.  The promise of a smooth chocolate spread made with the decadent filberts has made this dark afternoon spent indoors more tolerable.  285 more words

Silence ...

I have been wanting to write about this post for a long time since I read Quiet by Susan Cain. A book that celebrates introversion. I can honestly say that when I read her words it was the first time I felt normal. 2,390 more words

Day Thirty-Nine

Day Thirty-Nine
April 18, 2014

New Beginnings

It is dark. Nothing is as it has been. There are no lights over the altar. Everything is dark, shrouded in black. 1,130 more words