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Reading this for Brit Mums book club. Quiet by Susan Cain. On the power of introverts.

Quiet in the Midst of Crazy

This morning as I was reflecting on the devotional I had read, I began to talk to the Lord about all sorts of things, ranging from something my State’s Supreme Court will be ruling on, to my day, and my family. 205 more words


Day 18 - Forfeit

The cracks in your palm run like rivers

carving stories of your history through


places too many times explored

but never seen,


gathering at the lake of your wrist… 56 more words

Peace and Quiet

David’s idea of peace and quiet sounds like my kind of idea for peace and quiet.  I can’t think of anything more peaceful than a walk in the country, or a cabin in the woods…can you? 514 more words

Serene Subtlety

The platform for the beach-bound inter-city train was deserted as we four stepped in. So it meant we have just missed one and will be waiting for some pleasant seconds before the next train arrived. 306 more words


Busy life

While I am not a soccer mom, I am a working wife and mother who has three kids in sports.  The seemingly endless running from game to match is exhausting, yet exciting.  185 more words

Self Care

Do not discount me

because I am quiet.

Words are weapons

that I wield wisely.

I do not throw them around

like candy on Halloween, 130 more words