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July 21, 1914 Tuesday

Cool in the morning.  Done the choars up.  Got C. Colby and took his team and plow.  Went up to the Quigley place and plowed and fixed aplace west of the house for the water to run when it rains hard.  34 more words

Letters from Quigley (4)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hello again everyone,

It’s Quigley again! Great news!!! I am now a CTD; a Certified Therapy Dog. Actually, I’ve still got some trial runs to do but I passed the test last night with flying colors! 1,278 more words

Letters from Quigley (2)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hello Everyone,

It’s Quigley again. Thought I’d get Bo to type another letter. (Might as well; I’ve got him doing everything else for me!) 961 more words

June 11, 1914 Thursday

Alittle cooler this morning.  Put the fore noon in around the home and down to the other house.  After diner too along lade and went up to the Thorntons house in the village to fix the cornice but it was too short and I fetched it home and cut a little grass for the horses up to Thorntens and fetched it home.  49 more words

June 10, 1914 Wednesday

Still the warm weather holds on.  Hitched the colt up after breakfast and give her 6 or 7 miles and it warmed her up prety well.  56 more words

5/27/14 Meeting Notes

I actually finally got around to watching the video of the 5/27/14 BOE meeting.  I found the following agenda items interesting:

1.  Action: 11.3 Employee Insurance Benefit Broker Renewal – Mesirow FY 2014-15 and 2015-16 Requested and received a multi-year contract with Mesirow. 394 more words

Board Of Education