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Nida Happy Time

Someone actually found my blog by searching for that. I am amused. I been looking for some Nida Happy Time…maybe they will let me know where ELSE the internet pointed so I can get there. 1,620 more words



Well Friday has finally arrived. I normally look forward to Friday because in school term time it means that my Sarah is home for the weekend and we’re off the clock. 475 more words

Lucie The Happy Quilter

Ladies Wot Sew

Welcome :)

Last night my little sewing group met up to stitch and put the world to rights and it occurred to me that you might like to see the progress of the little quilt one of my friends is making. 91 more words


Quilt for E!

Time has always been a precious thing but I fear, until a few years ago, I probably squandered it as I had so much ‘me’ time (read no child that needed attention 25 hours a day). 489 more words


The Contrary Quilter

My mother insisted I learn to sew when I was young.  She felt it was a good life skill but of perhaps greater importance (important because this is the part I remember with the most clarity), she wanted me to learn because I was a very short child who grew to be a vertically challenged adult.  539 more words


Chevron Quilt

I am currently working on quilting “echoes” into my daughters Chevron Quilt. This one was so easy to put together. The kit came with a 10in layer cake set, binding fabric, and white fabric. 101 more words



We’ve had a spot of sunshine today but luckily the temperature didn’t rise to a stifling heat. I spent a good part of the day longarm quilting Claudia’s quilt. 302 more words

Lucie The Happy Quilter