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Shopping For Your Quilting Needs

Buying your materials for your quilting is now made easy thanks to the number of online quilt stores out there in cyberspace. Given the convenience of online shopping, it will really be a lot easy and convenient for you to get finished on any quilting project that you have in mind because of the ubiquity of your source. 347 more words

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Start Quilting Simple

In quilting, there are so many tools and supplies used and it can be overwhelming for someone who is simply starting out in the hobby. 356 more words

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Patterns through time...

I was recently visiting the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, as I often do, but I came across an exhibit of products from the Woodland Indians, which includes the area where I live, New England. 38 more words

Quilting: A Worthwile Hobby

Quilting is one of the many hobbies today that a lot of people look forward to in learning. And for any person who aspires to become a quilter, they all start off with a quilting pattern to work on. 462 more words

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