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Super Healthy & Super Tasty: Red Quinoa With Sticky Mushrooms and Asian Veg

Some ignorant idiots still believe that healthy food means compromising on delicious flavours and unforgettable taste. They frown when they hear the word quinoa and go running up the hills out of utter fear when they are served something vegan. 420 more words


Quinoa Salad

Ricca di proteine e priva di glutine, sconosciuta ancora a molti, la quinoa è ormai un elemento fondamentale nell’alimentazione di vegetariani, vegani, celiachi e non solo. 217 more words


Quinoa and Chia seed bread

Cutting out wheat and gluten can be hard, but many people these days try and remove these ingredients from their diets. These restrictions for me mean that I end up craving a whole variety of foods, such a breads and pasta. 360 more words

Little Big Sugar Salt

Well, isn’t this just the cosiest cafe.

We had been pondering for a while about whether this cafe was worth the long trek down punt road. 235 more words


Ella's food solution for... Energy dips

These quinoa protein bars are a treasure! They are delicious, filling and so easy to make. They will provide your body with lots of energy so they are a great snack for anytime of day. 275 more words

Quinoa Amped!!

What is this this thing called “QUINOA”….(pronounced keen-wha)?? Some people call it a grain…some people call it a super food…and then I have  one friend that says “it looks like dirt!!” 219 more words

Rotisserie Chicken Dishes

Quinoa Goodness!

Quinoa is one of the most healthiest foods that you could eat! It is high in proteins and could even make you loose weight!

Today, I am going to tell you one of my favorite recipes! 65 more words

Non Classé