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Katie Batie 'Bonzo Bean & Her Kale

A fellow blogger’s recipe for kale pesto inspired me to make my own! I paired it with garbanzo beans and quinoa for a tasty summer dinner. 310 more words


Vegetable Tagine

Our tagine has been nothing more than an ornament lately. To be honest, I got so used to it sitting on our living room table that I forgot it was anything more than a decoration. 360 more words



I’m pretty late to jump on the quinoa bandwagon, but now I keep finding new uses for it. So watch out for recipes using this baby! 472 more words

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Rhubarb, City Airport, London

After 24 hours of being back in London, off I am again… this time, heading to Ibiza with friends for the weekend. I met my friend Alicia at the airport and we got a quick bite to eat before taking off… 88 more words


Spudbar (chain)

The other week I was making the difficult decision of what to get from the food court. All the food looks so great, but somehow never hits the mark. 85 more words


Quinoa Nut Butter Power Bars

I had some leftover quinoa after a meal and decided to try out a new protein bar recipe. I used peanut butter in the recipe, and I stored the bars in the refrigerator after they cooled. 16 more words

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Day 13 - Cheater-Pants

So last night we celebrated my mother’s birthday with cake and ice cream and bubbly dessert wine; I abstained from the ice cream.  Interestingly, having cake and sweet wine didn’t leave me wanting more , as I would have expected.   375 more words