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is it possible?

“stay in school,” they said. it was a mantra.when well-meaning parents, teachers, and celebrities uttered those words throughout the better part of my life, i never thought they would would apply to me: i never did drugs, hadn’t gotten pregnant. 246 more words


shingle hangs

I just figured out why the professionals hang out a shingle. Their fees are through the roof.


Chinese Nobel Laureates

So far, the Chinese people who have received the Nobel Prize include: Not allowed to say, not allowed to say, and doesn’t say.



Shut up

Strongly recommend that the background music for Mo Yan’s award ceremony be Black Eyed Peas’ ‘Shut Up’. It’s practically made for him! ——Shut up Just shut up Shut up. 138 more words


Mo Yan

Don’t know who Mo Yan is? Never read his books? Don’t worry! You’ll see him on next year’s college entrance exams!!!



Nobel Laureate

Q: Are there any Chinese people who have won the Nobel prize?
A: There are, but they all have foreign citizenship.
(Ding Zhaozhong/Samuel C.C. Ting… 160 more words


only food

The only thing you can say about the food in some restaurants is “don’t eat it.”