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no thanks

Buy one, get one free! Save the thank-you. You’re getting a left shoe and a right shoe.


"Doug-isms" and other favorite quotes

For many years it has been my habit to keep a journal.  These pages mostly contain thoughts captured from books I have read, sermons I have enjoyed or just random words from the Lord that have passed through my mind.   454 more words

here nor there

Not much doubt. Here nor there when you’re pretty zoned out.


tons of bunns

Tons of tiny bunnies are the bumper crop of wild-oat-sowing.


downed chips

Barefoot in a cow pasture, you dodge around when the chips are down.


new you

You knew you’d hear it coming out of your phone: “It’s a new you! Could you hold too?”


tie in

They did what they thought tied in nicely with the company’s cash flow. Sold it down the river.