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social expat

He vowed not to go anywhere he wasn’t wanted, became a sort of social expat. But a short stretch of being a hermit had a way of curing that.


笑尿[xiào niào], 梗 [gěng], 都教授 [dū jiào shòu] & 笑点 [xiào diǎn]

笑尿 v. Laugh wet my pants.

梗 n. punch line. This slang term is originally written as 哏 , a specific word used in the art of… 235 more words


how excused

Being excused against better judgement is better than not being excused at all.


funny past

We’re all past masters at looking back on things and laughing.



Only because I was dense, did I deem it nonsense. Hence, in its defense, it makes an ounce of sense.


Japanese Table Manners

The Japanese say “I shall begin” to start having a meal. Why?

I saw in the Japanese TV shows that people all say this sentence before eating and I am very curious. 42 more words


movie tweet

You watch a silent movie on TV and they tweet everything they say.