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Finding the Humor in Exes

Ever see the movie Good Luck Chuck? Reader’s Digest version: everyone Chuck dates, marries the next person they date (cute movie). I am the female version of Chuck. 770 more words


Writing Free

Writing free for a grade is about the strangest thing I’ve ever done, word-wise. OK, so it’s not technically for a grade, but still… I never release anything without extensive, soul-searching, painstaking editing. 412 more words

Week One

How do you fight Depression

So my depression has been building up slowly over the past few weeks. Funny thing is I have no conscious idea of what is causing it. 166 more words



Many of my family and friends have answer this question with a NO however I want to know am I really that weird? I feel socially awkward. 304 more words

A Cat Named Motor Court

She owned a cat named Motor Court
Why, nobody could say -
Just one of her, well, oddities
That I miss to this day

I miss the way she looked at things… 17 more words

Original Poems

My Little Quirks

To try and get out of this writers block funk that I’ve been in for months I’m just going to try this thing where I write whatever idea comes to my mind even if I think it might be stupid or boring, maybe it’ll at least get my creative juices flowing again. 578 more words