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Quirky 154 Change my pants

Wow this image from GiantGag.com really looks like Justin Beiber has soiled his pants and needs changing.  I really don’t get some of the fashions nowadays.  230 more words


Quirky 153 Dressing up animals

I have to say that I don’t understand the fascination people have with dressing up animals as this image from GiantGag.com shows.

As a child I watched a show called Lancelot Link: Secret Chimp.  295 more words


4.22.14 dream haiku

Middle child pitches
her tent on the island in
the intersection.


Top Ten Favorite James Bond Villains: #9 Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd from Diamonds Are Forever

Yeah, that’s right, I decided to throw two of the more controversial James Bond characters onto the list. Some people like them as villains and some people dislike them as villains, but most people I think would at least remember them as another two of the most comical characters from the James Bond movie series. 162 more words

Crazy Pills: Take One

I realized in 2006 that I probably had ADHD. I was 32 years old and it had never been suggested that I might suffer from any kind of neurological disorder. 1,687 more words

Sock It To Me: Appropriating the Chic Preppy Look

Geeks and nerds!

I enjoy their somewhat quirky personalities, and honestly, a few of their clothing items.

The truly interesting fashion trend that they set is socks. 52 more words