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nothing is as it seems

The next time you buy “Veggie Cheese” …it may not be what you think.

Ice cream is a gluttonous food.

Be me.
Be skinny and fit and healthy.
Be seeing fat whale in mirror doe.
Be ordering small all veggie pizza.
So health.
Be checking myself out in mirror and passing skinny test. 96 more words

This Rooster Lays Eggs

Chicken breeder Therese Dahl has a rooster that lays eggs. (Photo: Photo / editing: Thomas Berger, NRK)

- We just call him the “henrooster”. He has a nice tail and nice feathers around the neck, but he lays one egg a day says chicken breeder Therese Dahl to Norwegian Broadcasting Cooperation, … 215 more words


Quirky 130 It Still Works

From GiantGag.com comes this image.

We live in a judgemental world, with people jumping to conclusions and projecting on to us what they think they are seeing. 85 more words


Quirky 129 Designed for humans

I like this one from GiantGag.com.  Is there any other market for mobile phone?  The alien is just an extreme and clever example that highlights the stupidity of the statement. 395 more words


Quirky 128 When animals attack or.....

This image from GiantGag.com raises an interesting point as to how the show gets its name.  I agree with the latter part that it would be more appropriately title “when stupid people go near dangerous animals”. 290 more words