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Officially 28.

Obligatory blog.
Or had I just been lazy to post anything in the past that just because it’s my birthday I had to record this year’s roller coaster ride for history’s sake? 214 more words

My Life

It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday

Being able to go to the gym at 9:15am this morning then getting stuck in an hour of Auckland traffic this afternoon reminded me that sticking it to The Man was a good thing. 332 more words


How to jump off a cliff + 5 books to help you follow your gut.

Ok, ok, ok…yes, once upon a time, your guy Ralph Diesel was a nurse by trade. I actually still am a nurse but my practicing days are long behind me. 409 more words

David Schwartz

Don’t worry, be happy …

I know I’m probably freaking out prematurely because I like to know what’s coming up in my short-to-mid-term future (remind me why I quit my job again?), but I’m beginning to wonder what the heck I’m going to do over December and January. 308 more words


Life as a Free Sheep

Well here I am. I finally got around to starting a blog. I’ve been putting it aside for quite some time now ignoring the need to write and post all the crap I think all day. 579 more words

Big Decision

And I Quit My Job !!

It feels good to be back to writing and to feel like a free bird. I said goodbye to my job and headed straight towards where I think my peace and happiness lies – my home, to do things which I like to do, things that gives me joy and happiness and to be with my family. 152 more words


"Just take it easy 'cause there is no stress"

I recently dug up a 2014 new year’s card from my best friend where among other things she strongly wishes me to leave my job and find another. 334 more words