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Christmas party for one?

When I saw the photos of my ex-employer’s Christmas work do, I was a teensy bit jealous. It was 80s themed! Their parties were always epic! 558 more words


Who-you-knows are everywhere

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” said some dude a million years ago. Since then, rubbing shoulders with people who can make you rich has become more important than just being good at what you do. 528 more words


It’s business time

Earlier this week I put up my Christmas tree, doing my best not to eat the candy canes on said tree in one hit. I checked that my solar-powered fairy lights were still working before draping them over my deck. 671 more words


No ulterior motives here

Yesterday morning, I had an Official Business Meeting with a prospective client while my carefully-applied makeup melted down my face and my smart navy blazer made a career change into spongedom. 857 more words


Officially 28.

Obligatory blog.
Or had I just been lazy to post anything in the past that just because it’s my birthday I had to record this year’s roller coaster ride for history’s sake? 214 more words

My Life

It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday

Being able to go to the gym at 9:15am this morning then getting stuck in an hour of Auckland traffic this afternoon reminded me that sticking it to The Man was a good thing. 332 more words


How to jump off a cliff + 5 books to help you follow your gut.

Ok, ok, ok…yes, once upon a time, your guy Ralph Diesel was a nurse by trade. I actually still am a nurse but my practicing days are long behind me. 409 more words

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