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Then She Jumped

That’s right folks, no more waiting for the train… I have jumped. I am no longer with my former employer. I gave my notice at my last job on Monday March 3, 2014. 619 more words

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I Quit My Day Job and Will Pursue Copywriting Full Time!

Okay, admittedly, this is an excuse post. Where have I been for the last month and a half? Did I give up on copywriting?

No! Actually, I have been in the process of moving and settling in to my new home. 264 more words

The First Time is Always the Worst

Hello Friends!

By popular demand, I have reluctantly decided to start a blog!  I think the main reason I have decided to venture into the twenty-first century is not because of all of your support (ok…maybe a little) and not because I’m unemployed and don’t have shit to do (ok…maybe a little), but because of all of the terrible blog posts that I see getting so much time in the spotlight: 308 more words