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As I sit here on my last single digit day sober, I feel lost.  I feel like all emotions have left me and all I am is a body sitting at my desk with no feeling of anything.  269 more words

important things that I have learned

I’ve just passed the 2 months mark, on day 63.

1) That my life will be better if I never pick up another drink again. 134 more words

just a regular grownup

I’ve been invited to return as a guest on The Bubble Hour this evening, so I think I owe my little blog an update. The twins are napping and I’ve just made myself a cup of tea. 599 more words

Poem from ages ago

From maybe a year or two ago:

“I drink when I’m hungry,
I drink when I’m not,
I drink when I’m angry,
And I’m angry a lot, 233 more words

just shut up already

Had an interesting evening yesterday.  I went to one of those “wine and paint” classes.  I’ve been many times but this one was different.  Maybe it was the table of women I was sitting with – probably.   289 more words

Wow, it's been a long time...

I knew I had been gone for a while, but didn’t realize it had been two and a half months since my last post! A LOT has happened in the last while. 1,313 more words

Goodbye to My Old Loves

When I went home to see my parents after ten years away, I was amazed that my father wasn’t drinking. He was never a drunk, not an alcoholic, just a normal every day, drink or two before dinner, and a few or sometimes more than a few beers on a Sunday afternoon. 671 more words