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Day 21 - Less obsession and more pies please

A whole 3 weeks have gone by since I last had any booze. That’s the longest time without a drink in gawd knows how long, I can’t even remember it’s that long ago. 970 more words

Day 20 – So how bad am I really?

Day 20 was actually yesterday but my internet connection was having none of it for the whole day. I’m back on today so here goes. 927 more words

Quitting drinking - Day one

I’m doing this. I am no longer sitting here in my family room with a glass of wine and drinking.

I searched online for “help quitting drinking” and came up with a blog titled “unpickled.” Instantly I found that I am among a sea of others with the same problem. 509 more words


A Conversation with a Friend

The other day at lunch, a friend of mine who knows about my decision to stop drinking, asked me how the holidays went without booze. I thought for a minute and said, “Great. 200 more words

Choosing Sobriety

Day 12 was a mixed day

Some good things happened today, and some not so good.

One good thing was that I went swimming for the first time in almost 2 years. 812 more words

Another Tuesday morning

It’s day 10 and I’m through another Tuesday morning which is my usual post-work danger zone. I had a nice big hot chocolate and played a game on the Xbox. 147 more words

How To Give Up Drinking

 How To Give Up Drinking

Visit this site http://solveproblemdrinking.com/ for more information on How to Give Up Drinking. Usually it is a lot easier to tell an alcoholic How to Give Up Drinking alcohol than it is to actually implement what we tell them to do. 37 more words

Giving Up Alcohol