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Day 1: mark the calendars with a big fat burger

And we’re off. Today will be my day 1 of no alcohol. I’m feeling excited and relieved as well as anxious and concerned. What’s the big deal, anyway? 263 more words


preparing for year two sober

Next week I will reach a year sober, which is my longest ever sober period, apart from the years 0-13. The difference with previous attempts, which ranged from 1 day to 6 months, is that I have no sense of deprivation; it is more like relief, often bordering on joy, but always a feeling that there is no going back. 620 more words


Why Recovery Groups are Not for Me

I googled “high functioning alcoholic” today, and found a wealth of interesting blogs and whole online communities geared toward folks just like me–doing well in the external world, but struggling internally with a drinking habit.  479 more words

14 Days Sober and Yes I Know I could of Just put 2 Weeks Sober but believe me it has been 14 long days.

Well here we are, Sunday night after 14 days of no booze YAY for me. This weekend I really did enter into the danger zone with finding that I had enough cash left over that I could go and buy a box of Cider if I wanted to. 678 more words

Giving Up Boozing

Abstinence vs. Moderation

Should I quit for good, or find a way to drink less alcohol, less frequently?

When I make the decision to “quit for good,” time will pass (days, weeks, months) and then this decision changes into a decision to “drink so I can enjoy its benefits, without incurring its costs.” 414 more words

This is not my first time trying to get off this crazy alcohol powered train.

Man I am being given some awesome support on here from you beautiful people, thank you so much. We can walk this journey together and if I can help any of you just holla. 328 more words


Semi Annual Report

We’re exactly half-way through 2014. This means that I am also half-way through my New Year’s resolution not to drink alcohol. What an amazing 6 months it’s been. 559 more words

A Dry Year