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day sixteen

i have been so busy lately. all day long i have tried to post about procrastination. then i would get sidetracked. when i would come back, i had something totally different to say. 19 more words

day fourteen


i’m excited. i am going to another women’s meeting this morning. i don’t really have much to say these days. 167 more words

day thirteen

so. I went to the smart recovery meeting yesterday morning. i was terrified, but it was amazing. the ladies there were super nice, listen to me ramble without judgement, and were very supportive and welcoming. 319 more words

day twelve

happy birthday to me!! i’m celebrating by going to my first meeting this morning. i am kinda fucking terrified. it’s 45 minutes away, and the closest thing i found that isn’t aa. 16 more words

day eleven, part two

it’s amazing the shit you can get done when you don’t drink. even just the little things like my house staying cleaner. waking up with energy and not feeling like total shit helps me get and stay motivated to get shit done. 131 more words

day eleven

wow. i did something last night that i am proud/not proud of. a girlfriend came over to hang out for
my birthday (which is actually tomorrow). 183 more words

day ten

wow. my first double digit day! ten days is barely anything, but somehow two numbers sounds so much longer than single ones.

it’s a beautiful saturday morning, running errands with my husband. 176 more words