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Dr. Nina’s What You Need to Know About Quitting Smoking

Text by Dr. Nina Radcliff/Feature photo by Kimberly Cecchini

Can Somebody Put Out That Fire? My Bank Account is Going Up in Smoke!

Would you like to have an extra $3,120.75 in your pocket for the holidays? 789 more words

Dr. Nina Radcliff

Day 12 on Champix and my Wife's progress

This is a two for one blog entry, just a quick one at that as it is getting late here at ye olde homestead.

Well it’s day 12 on Champix and it sure has helped me to quit smoking , I was doing good I had quit on day 9, but today at day 12 I had 2 smokes, why I don’t know,I never had the urge to smoke, I didn’t want one, yet I had 2, oh well tomorrow will be better. 247 more words


insidious cigarettes

I hate the struggle to remain a non-smoker.  The stupidest part is that this struggle didn’t even begin until about five months after i had quit. 150 more words


Waiting to quit

When I quit smoking pot, that very morning a patron verbally attacked me. It was a real test of whether I had really grown up and decided to quit. 826 more words


Just a quickie

Well it’s the end of day 6 on Champix, I only had 3 smokes today.
Which is surprising to me considering it felt like everyone and their dog was out to aggravate me and push my stress through the roof, but I stayed calm, 1 minor road rage moment but I quickly curbed that, long story short I got stuck behind 4 super slow moving dump trucks during rush hour in the city of Regina. 132 more words


Cold Turkey

For ages he marveled at the small object sitting before him. He thought about all the times before when he believed he needed it. He remembered every single moment since the one he decided he didn’t. 2,689 more words


your body just knows

I’ve always admired how the human body just knows what it needs and how it can demand it from the spirit and the mind when it needs to take a break. 482 more words