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4) Bam

How many promises to which we commit end up actualized? A smoking cessation success story. 128 more words

Three Years Strong

This Sunday marked my third anniversary of quitting smoking.

Before I actually quit for good, I made countless attempts, all of which crashed and burned. 241 more words

The unsupportive person...

Has there been anyone around you that has been unsupportive of your quitting journey?

For me, almost everyone was thrilled to hear that I quit smoking. 568 more words


Nicotine Diaries [Entry No. 2]

Date: 13 October 2014

Status: Still suspiciously okay…

Topic: Smoking as vice

We’re most of us familiar with the terms vice and virtue, or at least with the general concepts to which they correspond. 747 more words

It's Monday People, You Know What That Means!

It’s Monday and that means, like so many of you, I am back at work. I have been trying my best not to complain about Mondays anymore. 556 more words



I’d gone the whole Saturday without a smoke.

Soldiered through the morning routine which included a cranky 2 year old, grumpy wife and dog who’s in a cast and head cone who’s depressed and bumping into everything. 265 more words


Quitting Smoking - How Far Is Too Far?

When I started smoking, the more likely it is that their friends did, which were fresh and growing, part of the group and perhaps a little rebellious. 351 more words