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What a week?!

Well we are now into week 3 and I think this past week has been the hardest by far!  Obviously my body was well adjusted to me lasting 2 weeks at something with the knowledge that by week 3 I’d be back into my previous habits so said body was happy to go along for the ride.  831 more words

A bit of clarification

I thought as we enter into our second week without sugar that I would clarify how and why we are doing this, or more to the point why I am doing this and how I am ‘imposing’ it onto my family ;)  I have not had any sugar, honey or dried fruit now for 11 days.  1,164 more words

Quitting Sugar: Weeks 2 + 3

No news is good news, right? I wholeheartedly planned on recapping my second week sans sugar last week, but the days (and time and energy) got away from me. 167 more words

Quitting Sugar: Week 1

I gave up sugar for Lent, I did indeed. This marks my first ever Lenten experience and I went with a biggie. I like to set my sights high (and sometimes borderline unrealistic), but I knew this was for the best. 368 more words

A Fantastic Voyage

12 of 12 March 2014

12 March 2014 was a Wednesday, two days after a Public Holiday. School has been back for five weeks – so it’s only five more until the next lot of school holidays. 575 more words


Wholesome Buckwheat Bread

It’s been 10 years next month since I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease.

The food on offer has gone from zero to ka-boom-boom-POW within that that time. 469 more words

Quitting Sugar