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A few weeks back after devouring a block of Lindt touch of salt chocolate, I realised I had fallen into the sugar trap… needing a hit at 3pm, then again after dinner, oh and then maybe for supper too! 307 more words


Let's talk sugar, sugar!

Bad sugar? Good sugar? Honey? Rice Malt Syrup? Brown? Rapadura? Coconut? Stevia?

Are you confused yet? Do you find that a different sugar seems to be the go every week? 230 more words

Going Off Sugar

Stop, Adjust, Re-Focus.

Sometimes you just need to stop, adjust, and re-focus.

Yesterday I found myself over indulging a bit, AND I had a bit of chocolate and a dessert after lunch! 199 more words

Food & Nutrition

Getting my head in the zone

It’s time to get my head back in the zone. What do I mean? Well, when I quit sugar the first time, I lasted just over 4 months. 410 more words

Food & Nutrition

12 of 12 May 2014

Monday 12 May was the start of the second week of school. All the good work I’d done getting back into a walking routine before the holidays started has gone out the window and I’m back to doing nothing. 225 more words


Sweet supplies

Natural alternatives to refined cane sugar are a hot ticket these days, and one of the most respected is made from a leafy green South American bush called stevia. 182 more words

Cook's Cupboard

I'm quitting sugar (again);

All above photos found on my Pinterest board: Sweets.

May 6th, I played the supporting friend role for a girlfriend that just got out of a long term relationship & ate myself silly with frozen salted caramel yoghurt and a million sugary extras like chocolate cake, kit kat, tim tams & strawberries. 421 more words