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4 Weeks Sugar Free

Going sugar free was always going to be a big experimentation to listen to my body and see if it in any way helped with the pain that Fibromyalgia has brought into my life. 503 more words


BDA review: Sugar free but not restricted

The BDA has recently announced the top 5 worst celebrity diets to avoid in 2015, with sugar free (more specifically the IQS program) being among them. 731 more words


A weekend away at a paradise, mind but not body

I went away last weekend to Palm Beach near Sydney- somewhere which truly looks just like paradise. I packed enough food to feed myself for a few meals- however I ended up not being able to use any of it!   253 more words


Fifteen days of a Sweet Life

I have often thought the biggest problem of Fibromyalgia is that it can’t be seen. I look young, healthy, and exercise regularly with no physical scars or injuries. 417 more words


Week 1 and 2 Sugar free in a Nutshell

I began this journey before an 8 week program through I Quit Sugar was available, although I have signed up for the one beginning in January. 406 more words


Is gluten free healthy

So as per my other days my breakfast and lunch were very similar and healthy.

I was meeting two school friends for supper and decided to go to a new cafe that was gluten and wheat free. 52 more words


Curry night

The third day was hard…I am constantly hungry and then had a curry night planned with my mates.

Started the day with my smoothie, with blueberry, blackberry, carrot, almond milk and a kiwi.   124 more words