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06/10/2014 - Yes I'm still here!

It’s been ages! No I haven’t given up on my challenge or my blog I’ve just had a whole lotta life get in the way. 438 more words

Still Sugar-Free

And the cravings are a real bitch!!! I am still off the sugar (not just sugary foods but sugar in any food, and most processed foods) and it is still a bitch! 200 more words


Sugar diner quits sugar - it is official

The clock struck midnight and 29 September had began in earnest over in Aus, the world was already fighting their morning battle with sugar whilst I slept. 849 more words


Strictly no sugar

For anyone embarking on the IQS campaign you must realise firstly that it can be all encompassing, procrastinators beware.

Make sure you don’t have too much spare time to spend looking at it, unless you want to make it your life’s work over 8 weeks, be really time efficient,  Don’t spend every spare hour thinking about it and if possible just make sure your store cupboard contains healthy stuff like nuts, seeds, oats, quinoa etc before you even start, that way it will make your shopping visits fewer. 1,099 more words

Eating Out

23/09/2014 - Tonight..

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I went back to work after maternity a few days ago and I’ve also been powering through Mass Effect 3 (oh I’m a massive geek by the way!). 648 more words

Granola, sweet chilli sauce and a whole lotta jars | Day 15

Last weekend I finally got my act together and organised my kitchen, my pantry and as a result, my whole headspace. I did it all with the expert advice and help of my amazing mother, who is a kitchen whiz. 697 more words


19/09/2014 - SCIENCE!

I think I’m over the worst in terms of withdrawal symptoms. Yesterday was bad. To put it lightly I was not in a good mood. I’m pretty sure at one point last night I considered setting my husband on fire. 708 more words