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The Funny Blue Fish

It’s 4am. My body is tired, but my brain is too active to sleep.

I’ve been thinking about favourite things. I’ve been thinking about my boards. 555 more words



Charles Spurgeon…April 25th, 1889

“Joash thought that he had done very well when he had shot three times, and that Elisha would pat him on the back, and say, “how well you have done!” That kind of feeling creeps over many workers for the Lord. 195 more words



Squint to be certain. Yes, and finally. I am three miles from home. The drought has scattered prey from their usual feeding grounds into lower valleys and higher catch basins. 598 more words



Baby I’m tired of making appearances
I’m sick of dressing
I’d lose my mind
Before I lost my composure
And you radiate
Let your body go… 154 more words

Things That Make You Quiver

Quivering can occur as a result of several emotional responses. It can happen when you’re scared, angry, excited, happy, or nervous. I quiver uncontrollably when I’m nervous. 61 more words

Q is for Quiver of the Quixotic Queen

For the A to Z challenge this year, I’m sharing science fiction and fantasy story ideas…

So, Q is a kinda tough letter to work with, but I love the idea of a quixotic queen. 121 more words

A-Z Challenge

Cupid #haiku #A2Zchallenge

Quiver of night lips
Dangling words entrap tongues
Frantic fingers fetch
/ See all the players at


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