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10pm and All is Done

Quiver is done and is off to the publishing house.

Daily blog is finally written (albeit at 10:00pm at night, and is nothing but three short little sentences, nevertheless… … 20 more words


5 Graphic Novels to Get to Know Green Arrow

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I don’t like Arrow, both as a Green Arrow fan for many years and as someone who’s very picky about my media intake. 1,543 more words

My Thoughts

Road Rash

Not dead.

That would be me I speak of.

*a grainy tape of thunderous applause plays*

Despite the inexcusable lateness of this blog, I am still alive and kicking. 134 more words



A few days ago I told you how difficult it was playing the tortoise instead of the hare on the final sprint to Quiver’s (my 17th novel’s) finish. 202 more words


The Clever Tickle

Being unexpectedly clever always tickles me.

This particularly instance happened yesterday and I’m still childishly giggling over it.

(Yes. It’s going to be one of “those” blogs in which I preen like a heavily medicated peacock. 166 more words


The Sketching of Voice

The cantor, the clip, the genius-like tilt to his every sentence, I’m going to miss these most of all when Quiver comes to an end. 267 more words