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Isaiah 49:2

“He made my words of judgment as sharp as a sword. He has hidden me in the shadow of His hand. I’m like a sharp arrow in His quiver.”

Scripture Reading

Floral Painter's Palette

How much easier to plan a decoration when all the dried florals are offered in a quiver-based¬†painter’s palette arrangement for ease of selection. Of course great merchandising doesn’t hurt the total sales figure either. 242 more words

Shelf Edge Fixtures

Long Handles in a Short Space

Extend-A-Pole handles collapse to a small configuration for easy carrying, storage, and in this case, sale. A divided Pegboard Rack keeps the shrunken poles upright and well-organized. 159 more words

Hooks: Specialty

The Dextractor Module: Save disk space for your Pacbio projects

The Pacbio sequencers currently produce HDF5-formatted files that contain a lot of information about a sequencing run including the sequence, streams of quality values, and a lot of other stuff that most of us will never look at.  1,089 more words


A Candle in the Middle

I sat on the stool

Staring at the quiver

in the mirror

As if it was the analogy

of Time

A liquid pocket

A vertical river… 33 more words



The unread message that left unread since forever. Pop. Bummer. A little inaction that makes you quiver, shook, cringe a bit. When I thought I did it good, I did it all wrong. 8 more words



A chime and the leaves

Quiver at a passing touch.

Spring is on the breeze.