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General Quiz - 7

1. Which company’s name is derived from ‘Voice Data and Phone’?

Ans. Vodafone

2. The title of Colonel Harland Sander’s autobiography is “Life As I Have Known It Has Been Finger Lickin’ Good”. 443 more words


General Quiz - 6

1. Identify the person and his famous invention.

Ans. Douglas Engelbart

2. Nuclear detonations experience a characteristic double flash. The double flash enabled an ingenious instrument to be built to measure the yield of nuclear weapons. 448 more words


General Quiz - 5

1.) In the film Mr. And Mrs. 55 Guru Dutt was a cartoonist. Who actually drew the cartoons?

Ans. Bal Thackeray


2.) “There was neither non-exist nor exist. 341 more words