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Where Do You Fall Into the Five Fold Ministry/Giftings?

I hope you like to take quizzes. The one included in this blog doesn’t take too long but it may reveal a lot. When we understand who were are and what we are made for we can run (and rest) in the our pursuits. 483 more words

Quiz: Guess the play from the stage direction

Last week, the Guardian posted a quiz about stage directions and naturally I thought I could do better. Ten stage directions, guess the play, no multiple choice but a clue. 574 more words

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New Quizzes from eNotes!

Hi, everyone! While some of you might already be preparing for┬áthe next quiz you’ll be taking at school, some of us over at eNotes have been having (way too much) fun trying to ┬ámake some. 345 more words


Quiz 094

Quiz 094

Something Fishy
1 Fly Fishing by J R Hartley was a book used in an advert for what in the 80s?
2 Which film production company uses a logo featuring a boy fishing from a crescent moon? 427 more words

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Kids, dogs, and husbands

What? OK, my mum has a saying “Kids, dogs, and husbands are all trained the same way”, well, whilst out shopping with The Hellions and Crochet Widower I noticed I pat my leg at The Hellions these days when I want them to “come along”, at least I haven’t started saying heel to them yet. 570 more words

Quiz: How much do you know about Labor Day?

Labor Day is all about honoring the U.S. labor force.

Take this quiz and see how much you know about the facts behind the day!

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