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SAMR Model and the English Domain

Increasingly today, the emergence of technology in society has penetrated the walls of the education sphere and demands an involvement in the education of students. It is thus the responsibility of teachers to adapt accordingly by incorporating technology into the classroom lessons effectively (Andrews, 2007; Rank, 2012).  1,027 more words

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Tech-ception: Podcasting

It can be difficult figuring out how to incorporate technology into lessons we plan. Technology can come across as intimidating and also, imply a lack of control from the teacher. 213 more words

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Great Sites I use as a College Student and Eventually for my Career

I’d say in the last 10 years, having internet access has become a necessity for any and all college students to pass.  How many times does a professor answer a student’s question by, “Oh, you can find that on my site, I’ll put it on WebCourses” or require them to turn in an assignment digitally through turnitin.com?   1,131 more words


Animal Farm Activities

Animal Farm by George Orwell is personally one of my favourite texts to read. It is so dense with character but also, its insightful commentary on society is so beautifully sculpted I could rave on about it for forever! 289 more words

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Encouraging Teachers to Create Content

 All teachers have seen Blooms Taxonomy – even the revised one. We understand higher order thinking and are encouraged to get students to higher levels. 499 more words


Talking about Quizlet at #LLASconf14

So the 7th LLAS biennal conference took place last week in Southampton, and just like last time it was a really good opportunity to meet people I knew and people I didn’t, all working in, near or around languages in HE. 169 more words


Great Article Detailing What You Need to Know about Flipped Classrooms

Some students in WRIT 510 at Winthrop are researching Flipped Classrooms. We research the topic out of interest, for future use, or for the annotated bibliography. 639 more words

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