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You just have to have a play on this site. Use ready-made quizzes or create your own to learn vocabulary, spelling, anything which can be learnt on flashcards.  29 more words



Quizlet is a website that allows you to create, revise, and share online notecards. I have used Quizlet many times to study for my various tests. 111 more words


I can’t stand cheating and I can’t stand it when people don’t even realize that they’re cheating.

We were in the Media Center last week.  Working on vocabulary on Quizlet.   986 more words


Going beyond flashcards – personalized learning (Quizlet單字清單-個人化學習)

在學習詞彙時, 人們會對經常遇到的生詞有較深刻的印象,從而更容易地領略到它們的意思。不過,對在語言學院學習或自修外語的學生來說,因為沒有合適的語言環境,必須融合以學習詞彙為中心的學習方法來提高詞彙學習水平。

語言學習者(學生)會利用Quizlet熟念生詞。他們通常會把要背的單詞放在一列,詞義放在另一列, 加以練習。不過對高階學習者來說,學習語言的挑戰不僅僅是提高詞彙量,還必須能夠把詞彙應用在生活中。

當我使用日語溝通時, 我發現難以流暢地交流的主要原因是因為不熟悉詞彙的用法。根據研究指出,一種可以幫助學習詞彙的好方法是列出可應用在不同情境中的例句。所以背單詞時應把例句放在旁邊。

以下是我幫三年級老師設立的詞彙清單 (還可發聲的!):

這一個是我個人用來學習的 :

英語中所謂的“句子挖掘” 是指通過收集,保存和回顧句子的方式來學習語言。 相對於純碎地背單詞,這是一個更有代表性的學習方法。學生可以從電視劇或雜誌中收集句子並儲存在 Quizlet裏。

此外,Google其實是一個很好的工具,可以用來查找單字地常見搭配“搭配詞” (collocation). 在學習第二語言時,常見搭配的重要性是不可忽略地。它可以讓學生說話更加流利自然,使他們想表達的內容更容易理解。


語言學習者應該利用Google這個“世界上最大的語言資料庫”來搜索並記錄常用語,常用搭配和常用例句 。我相信用Quizlet來收集地道的用法會讓你的學習過程變得更有意義。

When learning vocabulary, the more one encounters with words in the language input, the more likely the meaning of the word would be acquired.  438 more words


I wish I had starting using Quizlet sooner.  Here is what we are currently working on.

Spanish Class

Omg...how dare you use iPads in my class

What are the students doing?

Using iPads?

They are using Quizlet to learn vocabulary through flashcards and games! = )

Of course I need to keep an eye on them so they don’t go on Candy Crush or Tower of Savior : P

Education Philosophy

Spaced Repetition Software: Making drilling fun (well, almost)

I have previously written about ways in which the repetitive practice needed to memorise linguistic structures and vocabulary can be made more engaging and less “dry” – for example by using songs. 356 more words