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Quo Vadis (1951)

“Of all the tests I made in Hollywood, Deborah Kerr stood out as Lygia. She has the fire and that certain quality of beauty.” (Mervyn LeRoy)

Deborah Kerr

What we think about most of the time...

I read recently that most of our important ideas get flattened and overlooked in everyday life, their truth gets rubbed off through casual use.  That is what my book ‘Other Roads Less Traveled’ deals with: ideas that get flattened or overlooked, like pathways seldom walked.   10 more words

Other Roads Less Traveled

“You know it’s terribly difficult to be pure without being dull.” (Deborah Kerr, about her role in Quo Vadis)

Deborah Kerr

Tobacconomics: Quo Vadis?

Berbicara mengenai perekonomian Indonesia, setidaknya sejak era reformasi PDB Indonesia didominasi oleh kegiatan konsumsi. Tingkat konsumsi Indonesia berada di posisi sekitar 51%-59% dari total PDB. Lantas, dari pengeluaran konsumsi masyarakat yang rata-rata mencapai Rp350.079 Milyar per kuartal sejak tahun 2010 itu, konsumsi apa sajakah yang terbesar? 998 more words


to experience and to discover the adventure of

YOUR HUMAN BEing through  ART  - a unqiue Experience to discover

due my ” profession ” as  artist, i´ve got  the ” honour “  to ” paint ” and  145 more words


Rock People

I figured since everyone was writing on Noah I might as well give my 2 cents.

Well thusly it has begun. See here is the problem with making a bliblical movie and as anyone would know from making them all you need to look at is the classics from the greatest era of Biblical movies under Cecil B. 1,070 more words

Dinner at Quo Vadis, Soho

Quo Vadis has been on my (extremely long) to-eat-list for quite a while and last weekend I finally got the opportunity to go there. My friend from home, Linus, was visiting and as he happened to have two colleagues in town we thought we’d meet up for dinner somewhere central and my friend Laura was up for coming along too. 291 more words