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What are the 5 tips of a productive developer?

1) Don’t optimize.
The impulse to optimise is usually premature.  Clever solutions to squeeze performance increase complexity and undermine the end goal.  Get the code working.  297 more words


How comments should not be designed as that on Quora.

Here’s what Quora probably missed while designing the product. People who use Quora might have experienced this. When you click on “Comments” on Quora, you get all the comments roll down in one click, all of them! 240 more words

Bad UX

[CEO Friday] How Difficult is It to Be a CEO?

Being a founder and starting your own business has become the *it* thing to do lately.  In 2012, more than 500,000 companies were founded, and it’s not shocking that the numbers got even higher in 2013 and 2014.   599 more words

Thought Leadership

The Mary Sue: The “Perfect” Character

I was recently reading some book reviews, when I came across the term “Mary Sue.” I was interested, so I did some research.

Turns out a Mary Sue is a perfect character, usually acting as some sort of wish fulfillment for the author. 698 more words


Thoughts on a Holocaust Tattoo

Quora has a brilliant article up on their website at the moment, which asks a Holocaust victim about their tattoo. I know that many people who love tattoos like to try to ignore bad things that have happened involving the craft, but I think this is a really important part of history that people should always try to know more about. 285 more words