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Quora: tl;dr

Recently I saw two Quora threads that were very interesting. The first one was about the history of a country in one line for someone who didnt have the time to read the whole of it. 197 more words


My kind of Quora people. This totally just made my day.

What are the critical Dutch faux pas I should be aware of before going to the Netherlands?

1) Do not be late.  Ever.  For anything. Under any circumstances.  316 more words


invasion of privacy

Just a few minutes ago, I’m in a middle of a reading when an email arrives, bringing about a chain of “events” that strikes me so much for the rapidity of its occurrence. 335 more words

Indexed Mind - Search your Company's Brainpower!

How do you track down experts in your Organization? Indexedmind helps you find who knows what in your organization at the click of a button. No more relying on stale documentation and wikis. 39 more words