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#todaysconclusions 27/01/15

Making a rule that if you see someone drink a Jack Daniels you can drink a Jack Daniels makes film watching even more fun.

Al Pacino shouts at really weird times during the film Heat. 40 more words


Vegetarian Sweet Potato Cottage Pie

I’m back with a veggie recipe after being a bit lazy in the kitchen for a few weeks!

On my food shop last week I purchased some sweet potatoes, I initially thought that I would use them for chips as I previously have but when I got in from uni today I was craving one of my favourite meals from home… 162 more words

#todaysconclusions 24/01/15

Watching kids play on a bouncy castle makes me wanna buy a Bouncy Castle.

You always kick balloons when your at a party.

Co-codamol is perfect for a hangover. 59 more words


Vegetarian Chilli (v)

A theme of my kitchen is that quite often the dish of that day will likely contain some form of leftover from the previous. This vegetarian chilli is packed with flavour, very easy to make and extremely cheap.  284 more words


Don't mention the Quorn

I’m with two women I don’t know too well.  We go for a  pub lunch. It’s not a pub of gastric delights or hipster gentrification, instead the sort where nothing on the menu costs over a tenner. 302 more words


Quorn Chicken Thai green Curry

I absolutely love Thai food and this one doesn’t disappoint.
The recipe is so quick to make and tastes very authentic.
As long as you stick to the sauce ingredients you can add any type of veg you have in. 221 more words


My first Andamooka Lily!

After years of driving past Andamooka Lilies in flower, in masses between Quorn and Port Augusta, I finally have one of my own.

This one I bought as a seeding at Aridlands in Port Augusta, around 2009 or 2010. 182 more words

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