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Vegetarian recipe: green asparagus pasta

In honour of World Veggie Day today (every 1st of October) I will share with you one of my vegetarian recipes. I love vegetarian food, not just for saving cows, pigs and chicken from the slaughter house, but also for the taste! 385 more words


Caribbean "chicken" stew

Teenage Son is struggling a bit with food tech. His teacher started off all Jamie Oliver and morphed into Gordon Ramsay. I have to say he does that to me sometimes but, unconditional love and all that, I help him anyway. 565 more words


Abandoned Cottages of the Outback, Sunday Stills.

The history of settlement of the outback, South Australia, particularly around the Flinders Ranges, is intriguing, especially if you have travelled north of Quorn or Hawker and witnessed all the abandoned stone cottages.   222 more words


If there is one thing you need to have in your kitchen it is ...........

Spiced Mulled Rum!!

I bet you were not expecting that were you!  We were given a bottle at Christmas as an alternative to Mulled Wine, and it has sat in the cupboard for the past 9 months, until the other day, I decided I needed to add some Red Wine to the… 349 more words


Under 250 Calorie Quorn Mince Cheats' Chilli Con Carne

This is a super quick and easy vegetarian chilli made with a storebought chilli con carne sauce. I made it last week but hadn’t got round to posting the recipe until now, so please enjoy! 147 more words


Experiment: Quorn

I succumbed to advertising and special offers, and bought a packet of Quorn mince.

I have made tacos with it. My detailed review of eating Quorn mince is as follows: meh.   527 more words

Vegetarian sausage rolls

Whilst I enjoy cooking and eating meat free dishes, I’m not a huge fan of vegetarian food masquerading as meat. Having said this, these sausage rolls are a rare exception and they’re an absolute godsend when catering for my own family which includes both die-hard vegetarians and die-hard meat eaters. 675 more words